Wednesday, 16 September 2009

It’s not racist, but . . .

It looks like  racist election bribes have started two-and-a-half years early:

Taxpayer to insulate Maori homes under ETS deal – NZ HERALD

Isn’t that nice of the Taxpayer.


  1. It is utterly vile. If I said any more, I'd probably have my account deleted for excess profanity.

  2. I just blogged on this--and not half as politely. It's a bloody outrage.Let's see how the Nats supporters spin it....

  3. This is clearly not the same National party which advocated 'one law for all' in Orewa a few years ago.

    Ayn Rand correctly identified the nature of racism. "It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage.."

    This government has now demonstrated that it is racist to the core. Worse still, they have adopted racist policies (using my money) to introduce an ETS regime which reduces the wealth of ALL New Zealanders.

    It should now be clear to all advocates of liberty as to the real nature of the battle which we face.


  4. "It should now be clear to all advocates of liberty as to the real nature of the battle which we face."

    You bet it is. And somehow I doubt the remedy will be found at the ballot box. Things will have to fall apart-or be taken apart-completely before the ruling duopoly is destroyed.

  5. I don't believe land registry information about houses includes ethnicity in the breakdown of the ownership. Can't wait to see how this might be achieved - either everyone declares themselves Maori or the homes have already been identified, making it even worse, it will be nepotistic pork.

  6. Of course its racist. I've got houses full of the bro's and no dosh but I'll bet I can't get them insulated for free. Colder place than Northland as well.
    They can freeze the bums off till I can.

  7. Do you guys remember them National Party supporters that were so active here prior to the last election (and immediately after it)? Vote National, Labour is corrupt, they cried. A vote for anyone other than National or ACT is wasted, they claimed. They were liars all.

    Hey you national socialist cunts, let's see you admit your errors. Admit to your fibs. Where is your apology?


  8. I am starting to feel a little Maori in me...

  9. I can see what they are up to. THey are tryin to push Liarbore into irrelevence by being just as or more bloody socialist!

    Just another brand of pinko socialists that would suck the farts out of a bus seat!

  10. "Let's see how the Nats supporters spin it...."


    Adolf? Ruth? HomePaddock?


  11. Maybe they're gonna use all that left-over asbestos?

  12. Oh dear, another crop of leaky homes.

    As people rush to insulate their old homes, filling up the ceilings and walls with fibreglass batts, polyester and so on, they may be eliminating ventilation gaps that have kept buildings dry for years.

    "Once water gets into bats etc, it's pretty much forever. And the kauri of North Island homes and rimu of the South Island was never treated. It lasts forever but not long when wet."

    I wonder who'll cop the bill to fix that?

    Oh, no, wait a minute ...

  13. Os said: "I can see what they are up to. THey are tryin to push Liarbore into irrelevence by being just as or more bloody socialist!"

    I wondered why the hell Key would form an alliance with the Browns when he didn't need to.
    Now he can use the Brown wing of the party to push his green and pink policies, claiming it's a necessary trade-off and 'hey, look what an inclusive sort of guy I am!'

  14. And I just asked National cheerleader Adolf over at No Minister for his take on the Maori Party helping pass the ETS legislation, charging the taxpayer for 'free' home insulation as part of a deal to charge the taxpayer for a non-solution to a mythical problem....
    The reply (if any) should be interesting.

  15. And the answer is:
    " Adolf Fiinkensein said...

    KG yest it is OT and yes I'm less than impressed short term but I wonder what has been gained long term."


  16. Julian said "This is clearly not the same National party which advocated 'one law for all' in Orewa a few years ago."

    No we lost that National party when Key et al rolled Don Brash.

    Until we get another Don Brash (or better still the old one returns) we are doomed. I voted National and I apologise for what we have now.

  17. I do not hold one lux of candlepower for racism or for this National shower, but I do for the economy. Because I pay for it.

    If the browns are living in cold damp and squalid digs, then they are going to clog the health system and run up bigger bills than a few bales of Batts and some gib stopping. A bit like giving heroine addicts methadone so they don't bust into pharmacies. It's appalling but cheaper in the longer term.


  18. George, that's always the excuse that's used for pouring public money into upgrades for private houses, but there is a:no evidence of a direct link between uninsulated houses and health issues, and b:no evidence or controls in place to ensure that the insulation is given to people who are sick or are likely to get sick.

    If there was an automatic link between ill health and lack of insulation, then all people with insulated houses would be sick all the time. This is not the case. My grandparents lived in an uninsulated (or at least lightly insulated and eligible for handouts) house all their lives, and they managed to get live 88 and 96 years old, and stay healthy most of that time.

    In summary, there is no financial justification for taking money off some people and giving it to others to make up for their poor decision making in choosing a house or indeed choosing how many sweaters to wear in winter.

  19. "Shane Pleasance said...
    I am starting to feel a little Maori in me..."

    Yeah me too... Taking it up the ass from Maori yet again.

  20. Hi George .. if you'd like to donate money to warm up a few of these particular uninsulated homes, be my guest. Nobody's stopping you.

    Just count me out, thanks.

    KG: Thanks for that. I'm not one to allude to a cross-post as a rule, but I added my bit to yours over at 'No Minister', too.

    What was that about the new boss being the same as the old boss?

  21. Elijah Lineberry17 Sep 2009, 11:43:00

    George, I would like everyone in New Zealand to chip in $1000 for my retirement.

    The reason for this is if I hit age 65 and do not have $4 billion in the bank I may decide to go mad and start blowing up buildings, bridges, schools, hospitals, poisoning the water supply, sabotaging the electricity networks.

    The cost of doing this will be enormous...therefore "much cheaper in the long term" for everyone to just pay me $1000 now (on the off-chance).

    Do not think of this as 'extortion' or anything like that; no! absolutely not! afterall I may 'not' go mad and start causing carnage and mayhem, no you should just think of it as an insurance policy against the possibility....and start paying up against your will.

  22. And George, these sick folk wouldn't be clogging up the medical system if we didn't have a "free" system where I pay for other folk's illnesses and my own.

    And there wouldn't be so many poor folk if we didn't keep paying them to breed with the fucking DPB.

    And there won't be so many shitty old houses if we were allowed to build news ones without inspecters crawling all over our arses.

    And we'd all be able to afford insulation a bit better if we weren't paying between 30 and 40% of our income to politicians to piss away on these schemes and the one where poor folks' kiddies can get scholarships to good school that I can't afford. And fibre optic fucking porn.

  23. Dear TWR, Sus, Elijah and Clunker,

    I apologise for my thought crimes. I will report to the nearest cattle train headed to the steppes for voluntary re-education and purging.

    Good luck with the unwashed masses in my absence.

    Oh and Elijah old son, according to the latest demand from IRD [which I first thought was the work of a crank], I will be paying many thousands to your retirement.
    Our only hope is that many disturbed proles donate a bottle of Count Molatov's finest to all their electoral offices.

    Yours till rehabilitation.


  24. George, I think that's a little unfair. I attempted to provide a reasoned rebuttal to your assertion that it was cheaper to insulate people's home than it was to pay their medical bills, by pointing out that there wasn't a direct enough correlation between the money spent and the outcomes you desire to justify the use of taxpayer dollars on it. I didn't comment on whether it was morally right to spend the money which is a different issue. I would welcome any evidence you might be able to supply which would prove me wrong.

    It's very easy to come up with a myriad of things you can spend money on to make people's lives easier or better, but it's not nearly so easy to prove that it results in a better outcome than not taking the money off the the people who earned it in the first place.

  25. Yes, all that.

    George, if you justify this pillage simply because it's the lesser of two evils - which is what you're saying - there's a natural response to that.

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

    Note that I'm not attempting to stop you from doing what you want to do, but you would make me do what I don't want to do?

  26. TWR,

    Your rebuttal was reasoned, please do not take umbrage at my comments, they are observations not assertions. Kindly recognise a citizen who is starting to despair at where this country is headed under the deadbeats that govern it.

    I can only offer the anecdotal hearsay of two medicos in my family. The ER rooms have become casualty clearing stations for tuburcular, pneumonic, diabetic, obese, Maori and Pasifikans. All attributable to their lifestyle and conditions. The whole coughing, honking, unwell lot of them can blame everyone else for their afflictions until the cows come home and it wouldn't affect staff. What does get to staff is when these folks many children get struck with these maladies. They are dependent on their adults.

    Speaking plainly, the whole darn ethnic group appears to need babysitting. If they have insufficient pride in themselves to do things for themselves that's their problem.

    Strangely, this is not a problem in the armed services. Respect is given to black, white, brown or bloody brindle according to what's on your shoulder or your sleeve and the New Zealand shoulder flash in between. The high proportion of Maori officers and NCO's attests to merit, not culture; Get with it, or get arseholed out. This severs the connection between no-hopers and their cultural nanny.

    Our erstwhile P.M. has just taken on the role of wet nurse and is breastfeeding in public--Which is real big of the smarmy coot, real big. Maori Party want booby?--Maori Party get booby.
    Maori Party want respect? Maori Party get stuffed until you deserve it for other reasons than being brown.
    John Key want respect? Request denied!


  27. George, as Sus said 'two wrongs do not make a right'; merely commenting on my disagreement with your reasoning.

    There is certainly no need for re-education programmes on your part... ha ha!

    Regarding my retirement.. no, you will not be chipping in (unless you want to send me $1000 now) as I would not be so undignified as to end my days receiving handouts from the State.

    In view of the four or five decades to earn yourself a quid which a chap has up his sleeve, I find it inexplicable as to why anyone would accept a pension. A handout.

    Anyone who does accept a pension is a creep, in my opinion; all the more reason to abolish them.

  28. Great debate. And thank you Dinther for ensuring my comment was taken as intended. Worried me a little...

  29. "Anyone who does accept a pension is a creep, in my opinion;"

    A creep??? You arrogant little shirt lifting twit. There are good honest and proud people in this country who have worked constantly since leaving school, and who have never taken one goddamn thing from the government, yet paid tax every week on their earnings, and done so in the expectation that at least some of that money, that portion of it not diverted to loafers, parasites bludgers racists bureaucrats and other assorted tit sucking scumbags for the political advantage of corrupt and venal politicians, would be available to provide them with a cushion against starvation and poverty when the time finally arrived when they were too old to work any longer.

    Creeps????- Jezuzz..!! how typical of the shallow thinking that characterises the pathetic little clique of dimbulbs faggots Secular Progressives and commies who posture as "Libertarians".

  30. A pension is a HANDOUT??????

    You smug, arrogant bastard. There are people who are now old who worked fucking hard all their lives and raised families, supposedly secure in the knowledge that their taxes would fund at least a minimal retirement living.
    All those 'menial' trades you probably look down your oh-so-superior nose at never paid enough after taxes to do more than raise a family and perhaps save a very little.
    But those people contributed enormously to NZ's success and prosperity and left behind a legacy which selfish, incompetent bastards have been doing their best to either leech off or dismantle since.
    "creeps" need an integrity transplant Elijah.

  31. "..I would not be so undignified as to end my days receiving handouts from the State."

    They're not 'handouts from the State' either--or are you so utterly economically illiterate that you can't see it's simply some of our own money being paid back?

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  33. I would not be so undignified as to end my days receiving handouts from the State.

    In view of the four or five decades to earn yourself a quid which a chap has up his sleeve, I find it inexplicable as to why anyone would accept a pension. A handout.

    Anyone who does accept a pension is a creep, in my opinion; all the more reason to abolish them.

    Bravo! About 40 years ago a small percentage of tax went towards your pension. That was canned a long time ago.

    You pay your taxes and they are spent at the time.

    You have contributed *nothing* to your retirement fund in terms of tax.

    OAP is no different to DPB.

    Politicians don't have the courage to tell "the elderly" to go jump in the lake and stop clacking their dentures for more "benefits" than the government can afford. If you can't afford to live on your own account without any help from the state, have the good grace to die with dignity.

    A lot of old people are worse than children with their "Gimme" - a more selfish bunch I have never seen.

  34. Good grief! The unspeakable putting in her 2c worth...although to value it at 2c is a tad optimistic.

  35. "A lot of old people are worse than children with their "Gimme" - a more selfish bunch I have never seen."

    Leaving aside some facts I would argue with if space permitted, "Old people" are not being selfish when they demand as their due the money (and the interest it would have earned) they believed the government was holding in trust for them.

    Of course government should not have taken the money in the first place, but they did. To disparage the elderly merely because they are the meat in a political sandwich prepared by power obsessed socialists is utterly unfair.

    Most of them that I know, (such as my Granny) are far more distressed by the existence of big government and the ensuing waste and destruction of this country than any of the politically unaware but prolifically troughing genexers etc who have personally profited from a thousand sources of welfare that my Granny would have been far too proud to accept in her day, no matter how much she may have needed it.

    The irony of course is that it is only the wealth produced by my Granny's generation that underpins the slavish generosity of socialist politicians today, who still use the results of my Granny's thrift and hard work to induce a generation of unknowing genxers to vote for them, on the basis that if they do, they will be generously rewarded with handouts in a thousand different areas that my Granny would have been far too proud and self reliant to accept in her day. No matter how much she may have needed them.

    As I said, Elijah's stupid self indulgent wittering is just another indication of the intellectual barrenness and historical ignorance of the small bunch of fags, doctrinists and Secular Progressives who posture as Libertarians in NZ.

  36. Redbaiter I understand where you are coming from, but I have the nerve to tell old people to put their dentures in and grit their teeth.

    Why should I pay for your pension and prescription drugs? You wrinkled oldies have already made a 1000% profit on the pension. You've sucked enough from the public trough already, and you're taking what belongs to ME now. You're stealing my children's money with every whine you make.

    Also it's pointless trying to brow-bash Libertarianism into what it is not Red. It will only give you a headache.

    Heaven knows I have some major disagreements with Peter, but I accept that he generally holds a purist view of libertarianism. In spite of his knee-jerk hatred of that black fellow who is president of USA.

    Go in peace.

  37. There is a great deal wrong with accepting a pension.

    1. The amount of tax dollars contributed is nowhere near enough to justify pensions at current levels (remember when the average wage was $30 per week?)..and most superannuitants 'get their money back' within a couple of months.

    2. It discourages thrift, enterprise and self help

    3. People should provide for their own retirement and if they cannot 'afford to' because of a small income and lots of children/HP's/mortgages (etc) they should either earn more or engage in self control.

    There are no 'special categories' of moochers and bludgers; all are seeking to steal someone else's money for themselves whilst claiming 'special case-ism'.

    It is facile and silly to suggest there is some sort of unwritten contract which says "pay taxes now and *wink* *wink* you get it back when you retire"; no such thing should exist.

  38. Good on the Labour Party for Starting Kiwisaver then. So people can pay for their own retirements.

    It is National who stands for nothing and pushes roughly the same policies as Labour. In fact I still cannot see much difference between them except Labour refused to treat Maori differently but National does.


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