Wednesday, 23 September 2009

“I’m entitled!”

There’s a certain irony, don’t you think, in  a politician from a supposedly low-tax party getting the taxpayer to bankroll his latest vanity publishing effort – which includes speeches on the subjects, I’m sure, of the benefits of lower taxes and a decreased burden on the public purse.

Read Douglas publishes, public pays.

And ask yourself just what the hell is going through the head of these “I’m Entitled” moochers. Does something happen to these bastards when they take up the job of Finance Minister?


  1. Yes I wondered who was paying for the book I requested and received for free. Silly me, looks like it was you! :-P

    If Bill English got a copy as well, and suddenly had a Damascene conversion, it would be money well spent, but preaching to the converted and using the public purse to do so is not acceptable.

  2. All MPs have a member's budget. Labour makes fridge magnets with theirs.


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