Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I’m allergic to plastic-bag campaigners

In Vienna a few centuries back they fought off the Turks and saved the West from barbarism.

In Europe in 1815 they rallied together to fight off Napoleon's authoritarian designs on the continent.

In Britain in 1940 they hunkered down alone to defend themselves from Nazism.

But now in modern-day New Zealand we have so few real enemies to rail against (or so some people think) that we take up arms instead against the likes of the humble plastic bag.

Are we insane? And by "we" here, I mean you – you and your friend with the shit-eating mien Russel Norman, and that moron who appeared on TV news last night with the title "Plastic Bag Campaigner" under his mug. How embarrassing it must be to make your one life-time appearance on TV and have that propping up you face! (If the acne-ridden nincompoop has any friends I hoped they videotaped that segment and play it back to him when he's grown up so he can see what an embarrassment he is to humankind.)

Haven't we got some real things to worry about, that we have to start making things up?

Haven't we? Or do these people just feel no shame telling you not just what you can put in your shopping bag, but what sort of damn shopping bag they're going to let you use.

It’s said that more children have more allergies these days because their mothers spend too much time removing any real evils for their immune systems to resist, so they start finding unreal evils like cat hair and peanuts to be immune to instead.

These modern-day vermin are like those They can’t see the bigger picture so concentrate myopically instead on busy-bodying things like your shopping bag and what’s in it.

Naff off.

And get yourselves a life.


  1. Very timely post. Just this morning I send this message to Waitakere City mayor Bob Harvey when I read about his rate payer funded campaign in his self glorifying recycled Waitakere Newsletter.

    Reducing the amount of litter of any kind is a good thing, but Bob
    boy, before a totalitarian like you adds another ban to his long list,
    may want to think this through properly.

    You want to do something about litter. The plastic bags I take home
    from the supermarket don't end up in waterways unless your rubbish
    collection methods are inadequate. I do not litter and I teach my son
    not to litter. So, normal use of plastic bags do not pose an
    environmental hazard in waterways or for wildlife.

    People that litter are the problem. They don't respect their
    environment. These people are the least likely to change their
    behaviour just because they have to pay an extra 5 cents for a bag. So
    before you start interfering in the operations of private companies, a
    ban like that will have absolutely no impact. This is the problem with
    people like you, you always fail to see beyond the next move. You
    really must suck at playing chess.

    But I am not done with you yet. In your self glorifying recycled news
    letter that I am forced to pay for, you declare single handedly that
    Waitakere is going to be bag free. Bob, this is none of your fucking
    business! I use as many bags as I want whenever I want and where ever
    I want. Your issue is with litter not with the use of plastic bags.
    Littering is illegal already so deal with it that way! But no, that is
    too hard isn't it Bob, much easier to force an entire population to
    crawl back into caves and forego convenient plastic bags at a
    supermarket because Bobby boy said so.

    In Wellington, Foodstuffs is already giving in to consumer pressure as
    they back out from their bag free policy and so will every other
    supermarket. I like it when a cashier asks me if I want a plastic bag.
    It makes me consider and often the answer is No. However, if I happen
    to pickup a few bits from the super market and they make it difficult
    for me to take their products home then I will leave my groceries
    right there on the counter and walk out. I will also make a point to
    do the exact same thing the day after and again until that retailer
    will start to ignore such a stupid ban.

    What people like you don't understand is a concept called freedom and
    free choice. Out of my own free will I decide when and where I will or
    will not use plastic bags. You don't have the right the encroach on my
    freedom nor that of private businesses.

    So, if you want to lobby against the use of plastic bags then by all
    means do so but don't use force and get your grubby little hands out
    of the rates till and instead fund your bagsnot campaign with your own
    private money if you are really so passionate about this.

  2. What always makes me laugh is when people say "oh but I use supermarket bags for so many things: rubbish liners, picking up dog poo, carrying wet clothes, storing things, putting my lunch in, etc. How dare they make me pay 5c for it!!"

    It seems to me that if something is so useful, you should be more than willing to pay for it!

  3. And what makes me laugh - not - are fools who fail to understand the difference between a company-imposed charge upon its customers and a state-imposed tax upon everybody.

    There is the additional fact of the customer already "paying" for the bags (along with all other costs).

    Dinther is correct. Besides, if Harvey is going to use litter as an excuse to ban plastic bags, he'll have to ban fast food wrapping as well. That represents the lion's share of litter and has done for yonks.

  4. I find the notion of a 5c charge for plastic bags as a way of deterring people from using them laughable - that's going to be about 50c extra for a grocery shop. Big fucken deal.

  5. Correct, Marcus. Much like the fines for Wanganui gang patch law-flouters.

    It's bullshit, isn't it. Aside from the immorality of state imposition and all that, they're just more examples of bureaucrats keen to be seen "doing something" (no matter how ineffectual in reality).

    Which in turn gives an increasingly pathetic MSM a supply of "stories" upon which to report.

    That's just 'report', mind. Not to be confused with 'analyse'.

  6. "It’s said that more children have more allergies these days because their mothers spend too much time removing any real evils for their immune systems to resist"

    These wet Mum's haven't cottoned on to bath water yet: two happy boys in a bath together drinking away merrily. The water is yellow. No allegies here (other than to sleep).

  7. 1 cent, 5 cents $50 it doesn't matter. The point is that government/council always takes the statist approach rather than enforcing laws that are adequate if enforced.

    I have no problem with a supermarket charging for their plastic bags. Hell they can charge an entry fee, browse fee and parking fee. Chances are that I won't go there but it is their call.

    The fees we are talking about here are those to be imposed by council. Especially in Waitakere City where Bob Harvey now uses my rates money to run an anti bag campaign. An issue that is none of the councils business.

    It is unlikely they will outright ban plastic bags because they can't sell that to the big retailers so they force a charge and either keep the cash or hand it to charities that they support. It is a tax either way.

    Check out and again you will run into the unavoidable picture of this narcissistic prick

  8. I've noticed this bag charge thing at my local New World in the last month or so and have been tempted to say,when asked if I want a bag,"Yes! fact can I have half a dozen? They are great for putting over the kids heads to choke the little buggers when they are naughty...far more effective than smaking which of course is just so wrong isn't it?"

    Maybe one day when Im in the right mood.....a bad one.


  9. PC, good news in the paper "New World and Four Square stores in Auckland have bowed to public pressure and will no longer charge for plastic packing bags."

    While these businesses are free to charge or not charge for plastic bags, it is a wonderful slap in the face to the people with the job title "Plastic Bag Campaigner".



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