Thursday, 17 September 2009

Cool machinery of the day: ‘Robobuilder!’

A few weeks back I posted a 3d-printer that can print out a 3d architectural model.  That’s already old hat.  Here’s a ‘concrete-jet printer’ that prints out real concrete houses, “using what is essentially inkjet technology, except on a larger scale and with concrete”! 

Never mind Robocop, this is Robobuilder! [Hat tip Oswald Bastable]


  1. Very cool device - however I wonder what kind of admixtures the concrete needs to make it so easily 'extrudable' - doesn't look like there is any aggregate at all in it!


  2. Only for use in earthquake prone third world countries where they don't mind omitting reinforcing. But who says it needs to be cement? Can't it be some kind of plastic that doesn't need reinforcing? I don't know how plastic would work thermally: the concrete is nice when your arabian days are hot but your arabian nights cool.


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