Thursday, 3 September 2009

Cool Machinery of the Day: Leonardo Da Vinci’s machines

Leonard Da Vinci was the original Renaissance Man.  He was an artist, an engineer, an  inventor, a scientist . . . Here’s a neat video of just some of Leonardo Da vinci’s machines – modelled in 3d and based on Leonard’s many sketches -- from a seed drill to a machine gun, from a forge hammer to an armoured tank.


  1. When you talk about Leonardo, it's one of the few times when the word 'awesome' is justified. For anyone interested, Discovery Channel is screening a show on Sept 14 with people making working versions of some of Da Vinci's inventions - I think it's the start of a series, but don't hold me to it.

    This is the normal Marcus, just started a blog FWIW, so thought I'd chuck in the ID thing.

  2. Look at 1:30 into the video the wheel at the top right rotates in the wrong direction.

    Da Vinci made this design error on purpose as a way to protect his intellectual property when presenting it.

    Pitty that the animators failed to animate that wheel correctly


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