Monday, 7 September 2009

100% success!

GoTheCats I’m feeling pretty chuffed after the first weekend of AFL finals, and not just because my team came home in a close game: I managed to pick all four winners in a weekend of thrilling football.

Adelaide Crows thrashed Essendon, Cats beat Dogs in a close one, Brisbane Lions (the Brians) knocked off Carlton in a thriller, and St Kilda spat out Eddie McGuire’s ’Pies – all as I predicted.

Shame I didn’t share my thoughts with the TAB. 

No mind, here are my predictions for this coming weekend, so you can. Here’s my picks for week two of the finals: Crows to knock out the ’Pies, Dogs to knock out the Lions . . . and Eddie McGuire & Kevin Rudd to console each other over a stiff fruit juice.

Which sets up two cracking preliminary finals for week three.  Keep up with it all here at Real Footy.



  1. Just started playing AFL down here in ChCh after becoming bored and pretty much disillusioned with rugby. Man what a fun sport it is! Managed to watch a couple of games while I was over in Aussie last week too, I think I've become hooked... but now I'm wondering where I can catch some more back here; are there any sites streaming games?

  2. AFL is just a socially sanitized homoerotic ritual, developed so men can avoid confronting their sexuality.

    Watching men with tight pants and sleeveless shirts jumping all over each other tends to bring it all out.


  3. Without a shadow of a doubt, the best, most perceptive comments here come from folk who can't be bothered leaving a name.

    Or not.

    And other folk wonder why I delete anonymous comments!

  4. Herr Schnapps:

    Good to hear you've seen the light. :-)

    There are a few sites that have (or did have) streaming AFL games, but it looks like Sky Sport 3 will have all the finals games.

    To check schedules, towards the end of the week look at the AFL website under 'TV & Radio' > International Guide > New Zealand. :-)


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