Friday, 28 August 2009

“Whitey” wins again? What the . . . ?

Cartoon by JOHN COX ARTRacism is still alive and well and thriving around Auckland – much of it around the blogs.

Tumeke! for example, where Bumber Bradbury blubs that “Whitey wins again” -- crying a river because he insists that brown-skinned people should get a special place at the Auckland table simply because they’re brown-skinned, and anyone who disagrees is “manifestly racist,” a “garden variety bigot,” an “ignorant redneck” and guilty of ugly Brashism.

Talk about patronising. And racist.  And dumb.

Well, Mr Blubbery, my cartoon beats your cartoon.  And since that’s about all your argument amounts to – a cartoon rant – that means I win.  So there.


  1. Thank you for that. Bomber b. is a joke in himself. Have stolen your cartoon with thanks...and credit.

  2. Bomber Bradbury needs to get laid, because that's the reason he is angry at the world, since he never had one all his life. The solution is simple for Bomber, join Jenny Craig, because it is a fact that when you're obese, chicks would run a mile, if you approach them.

  3. I've noticed that 'comment moderation' is always on at tumeke.
    I guess the harsh reality of free speech was too much for Bobo Bradbury and his partner in obesity, Tim Selwyn.

  4. I notice he still has not responded to PC's request for information, I guess he is more comfortable sticking to hysteria.


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