Tuesday, 4 August 2009

“The real right to medical care” [updated]

George Reisman has just posted on his web site www.capitalism.net a reprint of his 1994 essay THE REAL RIGHT TO MEDICAL CARE VERSUS SOCIALIZED MEDICINE. Says George:

I wrote this essay to help defeat the Clinton plan for socialized medicine. In all essentials it’s as valid today as it was then. It’s a demonstration that government intervention inspired by the philosophy of collectivism is the cause of America's medical crisis and that a free market in medical care is the solution for the crisis. I urge everyone who wants to help defeat the essentially similar Obama scheme to read it.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman once again shows himself on the wrong side of every contemporary issue.  Here he is getting ‘pwned’ (as the youngsters say) in a ‘straw poll move’ in a health care debate last year  [hat tip David R. Henderson.

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  1. You say "Why is the US moving towards socialised medicine?".

    I think that Brooks has a good point, but I also think that the Obamessiah has been reading the copy of the Communist Manifesto that he keeps under his pillow and is following the instructions therein.

    Why does Obama want to eliminate private health insurance via Single Payer/Universal Health Care?


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