Friday, 21 August 2009

The ‘Friday Morning Ramble’ excuse factory [updated]

No ramble this week I’m afraid because I’m out of time.

But if you want to enjoy what you’ve been getting here the past few Fridays, head over to my Twitter page for a fine old bunch o’ links to take you through the weekend.

And if you want to check out the links live, as they’re posted, then all you need to do is to lose your Twitter inhibitions and subscribe to my Twitter feed.

UPDATE:  Readers might care to check out and compare the conservative commentators posted here yesterday with this weeks contribution by Objectivist bloggists, conveniently rounded up for you in this week’s Objectivist Blog Roundup at the Rule of Reason blog. To my eye, there’s no question that it’s the Objectivist blogs that go deeper, and see further.

I’m looking forward to checking them all out myself, and here’s the first five that caught my eye:

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