Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Casa Terenzio Belloli - Mario Galvagni

5611_1088352136526_1458143067_30203914_1214670_nbelltere1   A large family residence built outside Milan in 1962-64 by Italian architect Mario Galvagni, part of Italy’s heritage of  organic architecture on which theorist Bruno Zevi was so influential. Mario , Casa Terenzio Belloli,  Inveruno, Milano, 1962-64-89

If anyone can translate from the Italian website that features it (one of the few places online I can find with Galvagni’s work), I’d be very grateful.  As you can see here, for once BabelFish has let me down:belpart

Immense residence of the family, is characterized from the composition of the elements forms them that they come from my search of that age, that consisted in increasing the space of the figurative story by means of a temporal extension in the direction of the perceptiveness of the several plastic members. . . 

Any idea what the hell that means?

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  1. Google says: Extensive family residence, has the composition of formal elements that come from my research of that time, which consisted in increasing the space of the story through figurative extension time in the direction of the perception of the various plastic components. In fact, the sequence of walls welcomes the events on the surface of the terraces, and the study of the garden, which takes the meaning extensive time, whether you are approaching from the direction of the garden, whether you observe dynamically from the fulcrum of the angle of the intersection of two bodies of factory into two opposite directions in space.

    only slightly better


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