Saturday, 8 August 2009

Books, books, books, books

Thanks again to recent donors to the blog who’ve clicked the Tip Jar down there on he right-hand side.  As always I sprang immediately into action, and headed for the nearest book store – in this case the Mises Book Store.    I’m looking forward to making my way through the pile now it’s arrived.  :-)


And fear not fellow bloggists.  I picked up a few paperbacks from David Harcourt Antiques TradeMe fiction listings as well.  I’m enjoying Dashiel Hammett’s Maltese Falcon as we speak.

What’s on your bedside table you can recommend?


  1. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism is just splendid!

    It has an amusing (in the sense that nothing seems to change) piece about how every so often in the last century there have been reports of the World about to run out of oil, and always just prior to the discovery of a massive new oilfield! HA HA HA!!

  2. When the book budget runs to it I simply must get 'The Road To Serfdom'
    Electricity bills and groceries must come first, alas.

  3. I buy a few from the same trade me seller- always has something worth a read!

    KG- Trademe is the place to get books when on a budget!

  4. Could you please let us know what you think of the Politically Incorrect guides? Have been thinking of buying one or more. Ta.

  5. Do you know a cheaper way to order in books from the Mises institute?

    The postage is rather painful...

    I can definitely recommend Gene Callahan's 'Economics for Real People'. I've read the pdf, but have a hard copy arriving soon.

  6. Thanks Oswald--I'll go take a look.

  7. @David: If there are a few people interested I could put together a Freedom Lovers' Book of the Month club.

    That way we can get stuff like this shipped in bulk ahead of time and slash the freight costs.

    Anyone interested?

  8. Last book I enjoyed was on Rudolf Nureyev. I have also got one of Margot Fonteyn I need to start. No, not books of economics etc, but very enjoyable. I only wish that I was old enough to see them perform at their prime, rather than watch on screen.

    I would be interested in ordering some books Bernard. Let me know, though not for another few months until I have a bit of spare cash to spend.

    Yes KG, electricity bills, food and rent come first, and I need a holiday!

  9. I'd second "Economics for Real People". I'm just over half way through. It's very good.

    Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism was enjoyable but "conservative" in parts.

  10. Bernard: Yes, certainly would be, though as El said above, a couple of months would be good. I have some expensive travel and leisure commitments coming up - Beer is a hard mistress! ;)

  11. 'Everything I want to do is illegal' by Joel Salatin. It's very readable & is about a farmer in the USA & the regulations he has to endure in order to sell his produce.
    'The Libertarian reader' by Frank Boaz is also a useful book to have around.

  12. I have some books you can have - free of charge - if you want to start a library. I've already given away most of the economic ones, but have a couple by Sowell.

    If you give me an address I can courier them.

  13. you guys are all too cerbral - brainy. Jeffrey Deaver' Roadside crosses is a great plane read about bloggers. ..

  14. The Bible is a good read, but I wouldn't expect many kiwis to understand it.

  15. D4J, I disagree. I think that my regular porn magazine that I buy weekly is the best.

  16. 1. Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism by Ronald Pestritto

    2. New Deal or Raw Deal? by Burton Fulsom

    3. Soft Despotism by Paul Rahe

    1. The Big Clock by Kenneth Fearing

    2. Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

    3. The Longest Journey by E.M. Forster

    4. Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett

    5. The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie

    6. A Twist in the Tale by Jeffrey Archer


    Keep talkin' and I'll keep you busy reading forever. :)

    (Natch, you wouldn't mind that, I know.)

    P.S. Want to see a good movie?

    1. Tunes of Glory
    2. I Know Where I'm Going
    3. Conspirator


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