Thursday, 30 July 2009

Quote of the Day: Hayden Wood on David Garrett

"Aren't ACT lucky they chose a quality researcher and safe pair of hands like David Garrett over an embarrassing loose cannon like Lindsay Mitchell."
............................................................- Hayden Wood


  1. Hayden, I thought exactly the same thing when I heard the news earlier this morning.

  2. David Garrett is a disgrace, makes me glad I didn't vote for ACT. The "liberal" Party indeed.

    The man is a buffoon and an idiot, and his views are 1950s reprehensible nonsense.

  3. ACT made a huge mistake treating the more than capable Lindsay in the manner they did (and for this idiot). I would love to have seen Lindsay in Parliament, she could have been such an asset for the cause of freedom.

  4. I love to rag on Garrett as much as the next guy, but occasionally he does say things which aren't incredibly stupid and gets picked on by Labour et al.

    Once such instance is detailed in my blog post (shameless plug follows):

    David Garrett: Racist?


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