Tuesday, 7 July 2009

NZ political blog rankings are now out

Tim Selwyn's blog rankings are out for May - at least, they are for the top twenty NZ political blogs. Check out the sidebar at Tumeke for the top twenty, and here at NZ Blogosphere for the rest of them, eventually. Yes, they're a month behind, but despite the complexity of his ranking system (which means it takes a while to calculate), the sites he overlooks (like Lindsay Perigo's SOLO site and Bernard Hickey's Interest.Co.NZ), and his continuing insistence that NOT PC is "right wing," it's still the most comprehensive ranking system for NZ's political blogs.

Good to see this blog maintain its spot at number three -- and in fact the top five are unchanged. Big movers are Dim Post, which moves up three to six; Cactus Kate, who rockets up eleven to number nine; Eric Crampton, who breaks into the top twenty at nineteen; and Poneke, whose renewed blog activity has gto him back in at number twenty.

Congratulations to all of the top twenty blogs. Why not head over now and check out any you haven't checked out before.


  1. Well done Peter. Considering that Kiwiblog has been around twice as long, and The Standard inherited its readership on day 1, you are kicking ass...

  2. Does everyone else really see us as right wing? Seriously?

  3. Wow, looking at Tumeke's listings, is there anybody in the Labour party who doesn't write for The Standard?

    A: Those who write for Public Address.

    Sheesh. Good lurk if you can get it, eh.

    Shane: Yes. Except those who're convinced we're lefties! :)

  4. The price for upholding freedom of speech, no matter how obnoxious the speech, I suppose. Message and messenger I 'spose...

  5. While I agree with your high ranking PC, I say to most of the rest what a load-a nonsense....

    I only "rocketed" up as I delivered to Tim the actual hits of the blog. Before I blissfully ignored the nonsense and he gave me a shitty estimate that was way below the hits.

    My objection to the rankings is quite simple - they encourage group blogging, the unemployed to post about 20 things a day upping the posting ratings and blog hosts to simply reply to every comment and post comments to their own posts to up the comment weightings.

    When its all about hits and writing good stuff of quality over quantity on your own.

  6. Crusader Rabbit isn't a 'Kiwi blog' but I'm always a little surprised at how seriously people take these rankings.
    My feeling is that most of us blog for ourselves and because it beats getting letters to the editor spiked.


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