Thursday, 16 July 2009


Since there’s been so few good summaries of John Key’s “major” speech yesterday detailing “the problems and solutions for New Zealand’s economy,” I’m going to go with the Dim Post’s pithy effort. Here’s The Shorter Key:

“I have a very good understanding of the problems facing New Zealand. I have no idea how to fix them.”


  1. I have some Key combinations that's better than the Short Key that will solve the problem:

    Ctrl + Shift + Alt --[press]-> Delete Key


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  4. Why should he 'try to fix them'?

    All this gabble about how Key should be 'creating jobs' is nonsense.

    The less he tries to 'fix' things the better.

  5. Ruth is right. When Key is trying to do something, the Libz yelled out, please don't interfere, because the market will fix itself but when he is trying to do less as he should be (what Ruth said), because the role of the state is to protect its citizen's rights, but do no more than that, Key is being criticize for not doing anything.

    Where does the Libz stand? Government's hands on or government's hands off? Which one?

  6. You really think he's trying to do less?

    What cycleway/infrastructure spendup/insulation pork barrel/ emissions trading fucking planet are you on?

  7. Careful PC, you're talking to a future intellectual leader of the ACT Party

  8. I still can't see why nobody seems to have noticed that when everyone is supposed to be belt-tightening, they want to cancel tax cuts but still spend 1.5billion or bloody broadband which will achieve fuck all for anyone.


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