Wednesday, 22 July 2009

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: Bank-bashing, science-sledging and Todd the Tyrant

richardmcgrath Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath takes an irreverent weekly look at some of the past week’s headlines.

1. Drug dealer ordered to forfeit 40% of home’s value – A particularly cruel sentence on a Rotorua woman found guilty of the victimless non-crimes of growing cannabis and supplying another adult with methamphetamine. (The latter drug, of course, owes its existence to the laws that prohibit other less potent drugs such as amphetamine, Ecstacy and party pills.) After serving a 12 month sentence of home detention, this woman is now about to lose 40% of the value of the equity in her home to the Crown. This is an outrageous punishment manifestly in excess of the non-existent violation of an alleged victim. Those who deride the profit motive in private enterprise should be appalled at this arbitrary and confiscatory tax that now exists on people who manufacture and market those recreational substances of which Nanny disapproves.

2. Hefty fines for illegal sleepouts – Three South Aucklanders who committed the heinous offence of trying to make their properties more attractive to prospective buyers are taxed a total of $33,000. You have to wonder at the mentality of Ms Carole Todd (Manukau City Council’s “group manager of environmental operations”) who said the council was “pleased” that in fining the three property owners the court considered the intent behind the building work which was, and I quote: to improve the value of the properties for sale. How utterly disgusting, to want to improve the value of a property. The Todd maggot added that this should serve as “a warning” to homeowners, developers and builders. It sure does: if you have any desire to improve your home in South Auckland, forget it. This evil bitch and her masters, the Manukau City Council, will fight you every step of the way and will do their best to criminalise your good intentions.

3. Science community fading, says PM’s adviserWell done Peter Gluckman. The PM’s chief science adviser, a leading medical researcher in his own right, says the local science community is in the doldrums. He says scientists are marginalised, and targets the media for its poor reporting of scientific news and developments. I believe he is right. A key problem has been the systematic dismantling of respect in our schools for one of the most sacred of all cows: the scientific method. The importance of grasping this most critical element of analysis cannot be overestimated. Without a grasp of the scientific method a person lacks the most fundamental and essential tool in testing hypotheses and challenging long-held assumptions; thus, to tread down new paths and, ultimately, improve the lot of mankind through the discovery of new technology. The other negative influence on science, to my mind, has been the politicisation of debate, and the influence wielded by non-scientists -- resulting in the biggest and potentially the deadliest hoax ever perpetrated on the masses: the idea that man’s industrial activity has a significant effect on global climate.

4. Don’t take inquiry seriously, says bank expert – As the director of Massey University’s Centre for Banking Studies points out, banks are big, impersonal and appear to have lots of money. Perfect fodder then for the inadequate losers in the Labour and Green Parties, who will be conducting their own inquiry into whether banks should be allowed to make a profit. In a socialist world, all banks would be nationalised and run by political appointees, a system that has worked so gloriously well in the past. By some stretch of his overactive imagination, Labour leader “Fill-In” Goff claims this kangaroo court is not a farce and not a stunt. Yes, Phil; you probably also believe that Clayton Weatherston is a misunderstood lovable rogue and after his acquittal should join David Bain in the next series of Dancing With The Stars. I wonder if the lefties will be taking a close look at the only bank that should actually be closed down because of the damage it has inflicted (and continues to inflict) on the economy – the Reserve Bank.     

See y’all next week!
Doc McGrath


  1. Maybe there should be an enquiry as to why the Massey University Centre for Banking Studies exists.

    What useless nonsense. As if we need *them* to tell us the obvious.

  2. Here's another example of councils with, let's just say, their own special focus:

  3. Ruth - certainly Massey University should be privatised, then they could decide whether they still wanted to have a Banking Studies course.


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