Monday, 20 July 2009

Bigger than Ben Hur!

I bet you never realised just how many of the “biggest grossing movies of all time” were produced before the latest decade of blockbusters and brainless garbage – and just how few in the last few years.

In fact, when you adjust for the falling US dollar – which has lost around ninety-five times its purchasing power in the ninety-six years since the Federal Reserve has been “looking after” it – turns out only one film in the past 15 years even makes the top 10, “and the highest grossing movie of the 21st century - The Dark Knight (2008) - ranks 27th overall”!

Click the link to see what are the real top grossing films of all time.


  1. Thanks for posting. I've wondered about the "top grossing movie" claims and inflation more than once.

    In looking at the full list of the top 50 movies, I've seen all but two. Titanic (#6) I will never watch, but it's probably time for me to get around to seeing the number one movie. In fact, between my dislike of coca-cola and not having seen GWTW, I'm pretty sure I can be run out of Atlanta.

  2. Watch out for price fixing at the movies Adolf - sorry you'd call it a tax eh?

  3. WTF? I go away for a few days to find that you are being a tad disingenuous, PC ... ;)

    Check the *worldwide* figs, oh wise one. Very different to the US stats.

    Only six films listed in the Top 100 were made more than 20 yrs ago, with all five Harrys making the top 21.

    (Even if they do depart shamefully from the books at times, she said quietly).

    I'm not suggesting the movies listed are cinematic wonders for a second. But they sure sell.

    Mapp: you should see GWTW. It's all you've ever heard and more. And see it on the big screen if you can. I saw it (at the movies) on its 50th and 60th anniversaries -- fab. Only another five years until its 75th. Don't miss it!

  4. Two points:

    1) Worldwide gross will clearly mitigate against earlier movies, since a lesser proportion worldwide were watching films earlier in the last century than now.

    2) You're wrong in any case. YOur top earning Harrry Potter grossed $974.7 million worldwide. Without wanting to go through the whole list (since I'm sure there's someone somewhere with a spreadsheet who can do it quicker than I), even '101 Dalmations' beat that out, grossing $224,000,000 in 1961 dollars, which makes around $1,109,000,000 in inflation adjusted figures.

    Woof, woof. :-)


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