Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Sotomayor not sotto voce on nonsense

Tara Smith clearly and explicitly lays out the ground rules on whch to choose new judicial appointments -- beware the activist; beware the "umpire"; and beware the lawmaker says the University of Texas philosopher --  and the importance of getting it right [hat tip Gus van Horn].  Take-away quote: 
The rhetoric of "activism" notwithstanding, the proper interpretation and application of our law cannot be reduced to a purely mechanical process. If it could, we would be replacing Justice Souter with a computer.
That said, Justice Souther is not being replaced with a computer but with something far worse - with an advocate of "subjective emotional decision-making" and the notion that "there is no objective stance but only a series of perspectives." In other words, says Tom Bowden,
Judge Sonia Sotomayor, recently nominated for the Supreme Court seat being vacated by the retiring Justice David Souter, is unqualified to become a member of the [Supreme] Court . . .
. . . not because she's a Latina, and not because she's a woman, but . . .
. . . because her judicial philosophy explicitly rejects objectivity and impartiality.

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  1. Unless one is delusional, Sotomayer is a racist, pure & simple, as are all members of the treasonous La Raza by definition- since their motto is “For our race everything- for others, nothing”.

    Her record is nothing to shout about either, and frankly -if you’ve heard her speak- she’s not what you’d call a towering intellectual.

    Eric Holder has some racial hangups and agenda too, calling us “cowards” regarding racial issues and letting-off Black Panthers who stood in front of a polling place with nightsticks.

    And Obama himself has shown us a puzzling pro-Kenyan grudge against the British and has said some pretty odd things, even regarding his own grandmother… plus he's the one who nominated all these kooks in the first place.

    Whatever happened to the idea of a colorblind society? Team Obama define their world in racial terms all the time- and unlike any white people I know. I wouldn't want to be judged by any of them after what I’ve heard come out of their own mouths- they sound like Jesse Jackson.

    If Obama is going to go on with his "justice" agenda largely based upon race- the double standards need to stop… and NOW



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