Friday, 26 June 2009

“Oops! admits French rugby player

“I was drunk and fell over, admits Bastareaud” – NZ HERALD

So Wellington's streets are safe to walk around at 5:27am in the morning.

So foreign teams are safe drinking around Courtenay Place after their games.

So there’s nothing to embarrass Wellingtonians in advance of the Rugby World Cup – apart from the obvious reasons.

And once again a Frenchmen has underestimated the investigative powers of the New Zealand police.

Which leaves just one question: is the name Mathieu Bastareaud French for Mark Blumsky?


  1. OoOps... That is so ridiculous! So Peter, no regret I guess? I'm glad that I didn't gave you my contacts at the french embassy!

  2. Sand, how is Lili & Pierre? I hope that Australia is treating you guys nicely over there?

    Please let us know when you're visiting Auckland next time, so that we can all have more alcohol and sing more of La Marseillaise.

    I haven't seen your French man friend with a sideburn (who went to Tonga for holiday) around Auckland? Is he still in Auckland or has he returned home to Nicolas SARKOZY? I sent him an email twice to make contact (for a drinking session) but he never replied.

  3. I would love too!

    Ben and Violaine are back in France...

    Australia is treating us well ;-)

    You're welcome whenever you come here!


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