Friday, 5 June 2009

Holt 24, Homeopathists 0

If there’s one thing Dr Shaun Holt enjoys it’s taking on frauds, charlatans and shysters.

In recent days he’s been taking homeopathists outside for a good thrashing, both on TV and radio.  Check out the debris here at his Natural Remedies That Work blog.


  1. People who believe or endorse alternative medicine are naive/gullible. Here is what I observed. The majority of those who tend to go to homeopathy treatments whom I've met in real life are more likely to go to praying & faith healing as well. This shows that these people are deluded in thinking that there is some holistic energy of the universe that somehow channeling into their bodies during homeopathic treatments.

  2. Chad C Mulligan5 Jun 2009, 17:12:00

    Meanwhile, apallingly and sadly,

  3. Chad C Mulligan5 Jun 2009, 17:14:00

    or appallingly if you like proper spelling.


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