Tuesday, 16 June 2009

‘Headland’ – David Knowles


‘Headland’ – a striking oil on board landscape by Carterton artist David Kowles.

Check out all his work at his website DavidKNowlesArt.Com, buy his work at the Quent Cordair Gallery or this local website, commission a portrait, and keep your eyes peeled here at NOT PC for some exciting news about David that will be good for you too.


  1. This looks a lot like a computer generated image. I had a program on BeOS which could create exactly these kinds of landscapes.

    Any ever seen this guy paint?

  2. "This looks a lot like a computer generated image"

    It's not.

    "Any ever seen this guy paint?"


    Sheesh. The man produces brilliance, and you want to talk about your latest Photoshop programme, FFS.

  3. Perceptions are funny things, huh? Schopenhauer's 'World as Will and Representation' was brilliant in its time and still is, hundreds years on.

    Art is such a delightful distraction from thinking about humanity.

    David's colours are vibrant. They scream life.

    Excellent stuff! First Arvid, now Knowles.

    Keep 'em coming, PC.

  4. 'Computer generated image'. Should I be flattered?
    The story of this particular painting may be of interest.
    I began it on Monday, finished it by Thursday, took it to my framer, a good friend, on Friday. She framed it while I waited.
    I took it to a local gallery on Saturday, and while I was still there a buyer saw it and bought it.
    Not a bad weeks work for $3000.

    I have used this particular set of geographical features before. Check out my LANDSCAPE page at DavidKnowlesArt.com

  5. Looks a bit like Brent Wong work from the 70's (which I liked)

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  7. Pearls before de Boar.

    It's already sold. Fk it!

    As a keen yachtsman, nothing captures what I love doing in NZ better than that painting. (Well, a wide open footy pitch is pretty good, too).

    Wonderful David.


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