Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Fieldays 2009: It's going to be fun!

Here's your favourite blogger on the Libz stand at Fieldays, looking sharp in my new Frederic Bastiat shirt, and ready for anything.

Someone at Fieldays clearly has a sense of humour -- look who we've been put next to. Should be a good few days. For us, at least.

Here's a party that seems bereft of ideas. Not even a slogan. Not even the Parliamentary crest, which they need to show that we've paid for it. Not even a full cashbox -- though if you look closely their chief sponsor is behind them to the left. . .

"Come along and have a chat and give your views," say the Nats. "National is very interested in hearing what people think," they say. "This is your chance to have a lively exchange of ideas," they claim.

We plan on helping make that happen. . .


  1. Something rankles with the question mark after 'bastards'. Could be all this time in a non-English speaking country but it just looks wrong... Anyways good luck next to National, I'm sure water balloons and marker pens are in order...


  2. And the bastards could easily say "If we are the bastards, why are people voting for us?"


  3. Give 'em hell PC!

    The answer to that is easy, Unsub--it was a matter of 'anything but Labour'.
    They didn't realise they would merely exchange Labour's red team for the blue team.

  4. Good luck Notional Party - "this week we are bin mostly debating in the fashion of Melissa Lee..."

    I can almost hear the inwards groan coming from their stand when they realised who was next to them.

  5. You're almost drooling with anticipation aren't you PC?

  6. Do you have the fifty difficult questions from last year for the punters to take next door?

    Actually, with "Where are out tax cuts, you bastards?" that makes 51.

  7. T Shirts should never be tucked into jeans/dress pants PC.. heh.

  8. Jesus Peter, have you lost weight?

  9. Good luck with the stand Peter.

    (And in agreement with the above poster, looking at that slim stomach, I hope you're just a bit crook, and not off the beer?)

  10. KG,

    Absolutely. Pity it took 9 years for a man to front up.


  11. Follow through. Another box ticked.

  12. "They didn't realise they would merely exchange Labour's red team for the blue team."

    I think you mean the "other" red team, KG. ;)

    But you're right, of course -- and that is *exactly* the msge to keep repeating to Nat voters .. they exchanged Nanny in the red cardy for Nanny in the mauve one.

    (Except for Nanny Nick whose cardy is green).

  13. ...should also be asking Rodney Hide where is the anti-redtape bill and where is his opposition to the climate change/global warming scam ?

  14. Hello Tim,

    Slaughter? People or ideas?

  15. I've got to say we had a very enjoyable day.

    Much more enjoyable than the folk opposite. :-)

    As Corporal Jones used to say, "They don't like it up 'em."

  16. "Jesus Peter, have you lost weight?"

    No, I believe that's simply massive use of the new "gut trimmer" plugin on Photoshop on the part of the photographer. :)

    (My apologies for the T-shirt crimes. Mike.)


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