Thursday, 4 June 2009

Far Goff, Phil

When Phil Goff refused to front on Close Up last night if self-described right-wing blogger Cameron Slater appeared, TVNZ kept The Whale and told Phil to join the far queue.  A rare sign of courage from the state broadcaster and a spineless performance from Phil Goff, who reportedly “not only refused to go on with Whale - he also insisted that Whale be filmed earlier so they don’t share the Green Room, and then finally said he would not appear at all, if Whale was on the same show.”

Which gives me an idea.

Back in the 1996 election when Lindsay Perigo was Libertarianz leader, we were told by TVNZ – still smarting over being dubbed “braindead” – that they wouldn’t be filming any meeting which Perigo attended.  We responded by making hundred of life-size Perigo cardboard cut-outs which we took to every political meeting of every political opponent we could find. The ruse succeeded. Many meetings went unreported, or at least unfilmed – and the Perigo cutouts ended up on studio walls all over Auckland.  I believe Bomber himself stole two.

So here’s my idea. If Phil’s so easily spooked then perhaps Cameron’s chums could produce numerous life-size cardboard cutouts of the Whale with which they could taunt Phil at his every public appearance.  It surely wouldn’t be long before Phil developed a severe far cough.


  1. One has to wonder why Whaleoil's favourite insult is the school-yardish " Hey - you're fat".

  2. Are you fat, Ruth?

    Just wondering.


  3. I admit circa those days to thieving a Perigo and placing him in the living room next to the telly.

    When I threw parties he would be placed next to the BBQ.

    Then he was thieved.

    I suspect it was the gays.

  4. One has to wonder why Whaleoil's favourite insult is the school-yardish " Hey - you're fat".

    Maybe because it's funny? It's not like they can chase you if they get angry eh?

    I actually put on weight just so I could make fun of fat people and not look like such a prick. Didn't work - still looked like a prick.

  5. I didn't have a cardboard Perigo, but I did managed to steal one of those cardboard cut-out policemen they were putting up in stores to discourage shoplifting, and that took pride of place in our student flat, next to all the traffic signs of course.

  6. "I admit circa those days to thieving a Perigo . . . "

    Ah, if we only had a dollar for everyone who now owns up . . . ;^)

  7. The less said about Bobo 'Bomber' the fat clown the better.


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