Thursday, 18 June 2009

Does MG maketh the man?

PC_Waterfront-sm_A Turns out my car only turns heads when I’m not in it [hat tip TWR].

In some surprising findings commissioned by popular SBS TV show Top Gear Australia, researchers measured changes in the brain responses of women towards a range of men depending on the car they drove. The study tested the reactions to a luxury sports car, a ute, a 4WD, a hotted-up street car and a vintage classic. . .  In one of the biggest surprises, the classic MG Roadster was viewed favourably when empty, but failed to impress the minute a man was seen in it.

Maybe it depends on the man? Maybe it makes me look better?

    The experiment, conducted by Neuro Insight, aimed to explore the argument, "does the car maketh the man."
    "Pretty much every car made the family guy look better", Peter Pynta from Neuro Insight said. But he had this advice for the good-looking guys. "If you're a good looking bloke, don't even worry about it," he said.

So the question is, do I need to sell my MG?  Careful how you answer, now.  ;^)


  1. Never sell it, just don't drive it. Maybe lease it only to women...


  2. Heh. I'd advocate the strict separation of cars & women. A man should choose his ride for himself, critics be damned. Oh, & his car too. :)

    Don't think you should let your feelings about being unattractive to women PC get all mixed up with what is a fine automobile. That MG should have a drink at your wake. :)

    - Sam P


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