Tuesday, 9 June 2009

David Bain jokes


  • So David gets out and is asked what he plans to do first - "Go to Kentucky Fried," says he, "I could murder a family pack."
  • Apparently Joe has got a job lined up for David. As a photographer, specialising in family shots.
  • David Bain should play for the All Blacks in the vacant number ten spot.  He’d the leave the other first-five for dead.
  • What do David Bain & Dick Hubbard have in common? They’re both cereal killers.
  • Joe Karam got awfully scared when David Bain said he was starting to see him as a father figure.

Add your own in the comments.  :-)


  1. Goodnight David

    Goodnight Joe. See you in the morning. After my paper run.

  2. I heard he had 5 shots at the after party

  3. New drinking game:
    Run around the block with a bunch of newspapers; when you get home take five shots.


  4. Joe Karam is now moving onto his new cause: Robin Bain is innocent.

  5. Elijah Lineberry10 Jun 2009, 13:13:00

    What I thought was amusing was on the television news last night seeing Bain and Karem at Christchurch airport and having to empty pockets and 'disrobe' for the security chaps.

    Considering Bain had just been found not guilty of mass murder the mind boggles as to what the security people were expecting him to do on the plane! HA HA HA!!

  6. David Bain wants to take up early morning jogging and is looking for a woman to jog with him.

  7. David will be appearing on the nxt seanon of sensing murder. It was proved his premonition something bad was going to happen was a genuine psychic experience.

  8. Joe Karem is moving on to his next crusade which is to free OJ Simpson.

  9. david bain said to joe karam "i love you"

  10. I gota make like David Bain, and shoot home.

  11. When I got back from the paper run, the family were dying to see me

  12. BREAKING NEWS! David Bain has got a new job. He has a paper run in Fielding.

  13. David Bain is now a family photographer... The first 5 shots are free.

    David Bain is a professional golfer, he shot pa(r)

    David Bain used to be a butcher now he just specializes in home kill >.<

  14. How sad this is just to think that we have so many people that have little or nothing better to do than make sick or pathetic comments, if they had been through what David has been through I just wonder how they would like to see these type of comments about them sleeves. Maybe they would better spending a little time thinking of how they could help people instead.

    1. He's guilty as fuck. If it's so offensive why are you reading them?


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