Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Coldest May on record . . .

News just in from NIWA, Jim Salinger's former employer, that May was cold. How cold? Temperatures last month were the lowest on record for May in some parts of the country, says NIWA, and colder than normal for all.

Just thought you should know.


  1. Where is global warming when we need it to warm us up?

  2. "Where is global warming when we need it to warm us up?"

    In the Northern Hemisphere, it would seem:

    "Mideast summer temperatures to break records - In Al-Ain, in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, temperatures soared to 49.3 degrees Celsius on Saturday, the hottest on record."

  3. Ha, Hemi, is sounds like the earth may have tipped and the north is ever so slightly closer to the sun whilst us poor souls in the south are slightly further away. Still, not to worry: I get the impression that it is mostly northern hemi-sphere temps that are used to prove global warming.

  4. Go to iPredict then and short Temp.2009.High. That contract pays $1 if 2009 is the warmest year ever and currently is trading at $0.085. So you can spend $0.915 to buy a contract that pays at $1 if 2009 is NOT the warmest year ever (that's what you're doing when you short): a 9% return for your investment if you're right. Since the contract is likely to pay out mid-January 2010 when HadCRUT3 data comes out, about 7 months, that's a very nice annualized return. My best forecast says there's less than 1/155 chance that this year is the warmest ever; I'm also about 2000 shares short. I'd put more money into this contract but I've hit my deposit limit.


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