Monday, 15 June 2009

Chris Knox

Very said to hear the news about Chris Knox, which (just to show how different the world is now than it was when I used to hang on Chris’s every dischordant note) I first heard about from a blog reader in Mississippi. But somewhat comforting to hear via Russell Brown that the news may not be quite as bad as first reported:

The past few days have also been anxious ones for the family and friends of Chris Knox. I found out he'd had a stroke a couple of hours before The Orcon Great Blend (which was a tremendous evening) and, like many other people, have been shocked and worried for Chris and his family.
It's not my place to release news but I do feel bound to say that I understand things are a bit more hopeful than was suggested in the Sunday Star Times's front-page story, which quoted unnamed "friends". I accept that Chris is a prominent cultural figure and worthy of news, but that story was irresponsible. The fact is that they probably won't know what they're dealing with for another two or three days yet. It is certain that there's a long, difficult recovery ahead, but Chris is surrounded by people who love him and will help him there.


  1. That's a great shame. I was hoping his not being able to draw as dexterously will spell the end of his shit cartoon in Herald.

  2. To clarify I first heard Saturday around 9:30 pm CDT from 3 Facebook friends: 2 33 1/3 authors in Portland Oregon (The Loveless one posting clips and The Live at the Apollo 1963 one writing on Knox's FB wall) and soon thereafter from LA via the LA Times music editor. PC must have seen my post of Chris Knox's performance of "Not Given Lightly" with broken string and a capella conclusion on ABC. BY the way it's rippah!

    The route runs NZ to Left Coast US to Deepest Darkest MS and back to NZ. Does that make it El Nino or La Nina flow?


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