Friday, 12 June 2009

Answering the Questions that REALLY Matter in Mt Albert

clip_image004If you live in Mt Albert, then tomorrow is your chance to have a say for liberty, for freedom and for individual rights by voting Pistorius.

Here’s why you should vote for the young man:

  • because unlike the other candidates his campaign wasn’t funded by taxpayers;
  • because unlike the other candidates he doesn’t want to be a politician – he doesn’t just want to put his nose into the trough;
  • because unlike the other candidates his loyalty is not to a party, but to his principles;
  • because unlike the other candidates he doesn’t want government to be your master;
  • because unlike the other candidates he doesn’t think he knows how to run your life;
  • because unlike the other candidates he doesn’t want to spend your money;
  • because unlike the other candidates he doesn’t want to take your house;
  • and because unlike the other candidates, he’s actually got answers when they don’t even know they’ve got questions. 

See what I mean:

  1. To Melissa Lee and John Boscawen: The National/Act government was elected on a promise that they would cut taxes. The government has now broken this promise. Why was this promise made when it was clear to everyone (except apparently to your parties) that we were in a global financial crisis? Why did your parties make a promise which they had no intention of keeping?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: Tax cuts are essential. Allowing people to keep more of their own money encourages wealth creation and business activity which creates employment. Government spending must be slashed. Borrowing money to fund deficits is fiscal child abuse.
  2. To all candidates: The National/Act government proposes an extension to the motorway through Mt Albert which will involve bulldozing homes against the wishes of some property owners. Do you support the taking of someone’s home by force? Yes or no? Does your answer change if their house is taken for a railway? Or a cycleway?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: Your home is your castle. Respect for property rights is what differentiates a civilised society from an uncivilised country. In France, for example, options to buy are purchased on homes on alternative routes and these options are exercised when options on a route exist.
  3. To all candidates: Economic theory shows that a minimum wage creates unemployment, especially for the youngest and most marginalised. If you are serious about helping those without jobs get a job, then why not eliminate the minimum wage?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: Unemployment can be eliminated by allowing wage rates to fall, if necessary, below the currently mandated minimum wage. The minimum wage ensures the most needy, the most unskilled, people in society will be consigned to the unemployment line.
  4. To Melissa Lee and John Boscawen: Given the failure of council amalgamations from Toronto to Brisbane, and the estimated $240 million cost to bring together Auckland's councils, what possible justification can there be to steamroll ahead with the so-called "Super City" project?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: The so-called "Super City" plan will be expensive, invasive and will only make bossy councils worse – and your rates bill even higher.  The whole idea should be killed at birth.
  5. To John Boscawen: In 2007 and 2008 you campaigned against the Electoral Finance Act in the name (so you said) of Free Speech. Yet now in 2009 you have just voted against individuals in W(h)anganui being allowed to wear patches on their clothing.  So just how deep is your commitment to free speech, John?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: Free Speech is Free Speech – even (perhaps especially) when you object to what the other person is saying.
  6. To all candidates: Do you agree that National's so-called Resource Management Act "reforms" are not intended to make life easier for the little guy, but only easier for National to ram through its Think Biggish infrastructure projects?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: The best way to reform the RMA is to drive a stake through its heart, and to protect property rights under common law.
  7. To all candidates: Do you support the right of shop-owners (who as we all know are under severe threat from violent criminals) to be allowed to defend themselves, and to possess the means of self defence?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: The law must recognise the right of shop-owners, and of all New Zealanders, have the right to defend themselves -- and to posssess the means to defend themselves.
  8. To all candidates: Given the RMA makes it easier to bulldoze houses rather than mangroves and minor creeks, do you agree that we need to change things so humans are put before trees, rocks and mud puddles?
    JULIAN PISTORIUS says: Humans and property rights are more important than mud puddles.

And finally, here’s a question and answer of my own:

A: Might as well ask why a cat licks its arse. Same answer: Because they can.


Take power away from the politicians tomorrow, and Vote Pistorius.

  • Support Capitalism
  • Support Freedom
  • Support Pistorius


  1. Good luck for tomorrow Julian. Wish I could vote.

    (And that ended up a great slot with Leighton Smith this morning).

  2. Sean Fitzpatrick13 Jun 2009, 09:32:00

    Well summarized PC - all the best Julian.

  3. Yes, good luck. It's enough to make me want a house in Mt. Albert. At least I'd be closer to Galbraiths than here in Hamilton. ;)

  4. Vote Libz in on line poll at who would you vote in bi-election go and vote libz we only need 1000 to win


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