Friday, 5 June 2009

And it’s important because . . . [updated]

Could someone please tell me why what Richard Worth did or didn't do in a Wellington hotel last March -- or what John Key did or didn't do when he heard about it -- is more important than the fiscal child abuse Bill English committed right out in the open in Parliament last Wednesday? 

Because to judge by the level of discussion, gossip about the former is far more important than analysis of the latter -- and it's Bill English's Budget that is going to affect us all far more.

UPDATE:  “The resignation of Dr Richard Worth is the most serious scandal to impact on the new National government,” says The Dim Post , and lists several “other embarrassments” the Key government has suffered in the last six month.  I’m pretty sure it’s a tongue-in-cheek list – leastways, I hadn’t heard about the great body non-desecration scandal at the Hutt Hospital mortuary before, or the decision to chemically neuter veteran Radio New Zealand announcer Sean Plunket.  Had you?


  1. I can't help wondering about the timing. Goff claims he brought this to the attention of Key weeks ago, but it comes out now as a perfect distraction from the budget. May be a coincidence, but then again...

  2. The budget is done and dusted,whereas Worth's sleeze and more importantly, Key's weak leadership and poor judgment is becoming more apparent.

  3. PC, the key is the 'satire' tag at the top of the Nat Party Scandals post. Unless you're being tongue in cheek, in which case I'll take myself to a less subtle blog.

  4. Its important because a bunch of sleazy liars and politically tainted incompetents posing as journalists need to make a living.

    Tyranny in NZ stems not only from a decrepit political framework but also from the apathy and ignorance of a totally corrupt and ineffective fourth estate.

    Not freedom's advocates, but its enemy. Its been so for far too long.

  5. Crikey, StephenR, it's a very long time indeed since someone accused me of being subtle!

    But yes, I was trying. And yes, it is satire.

  6. Why is it always name suppression when a woman made an accusations but when a man makes some accusations, his name is splashed out on the newspaper front page or first item on the evening news? Does modern society capitulates to feminazis demands everywhere? It wasn't long ago that a male police (new) recruit was accused of raping a woman (name suppressed) but it turned out the sex was consensual. As a result of this false allegation, this innocent police recruit is trying to fight to get in to the police force, but it has been hindered for some unknown reasons. This is just one of many in recent years.

  7. Richard McGrath5 Jun 2009, 11:54:00

    Anon - weak leadership is what we need. Who really wants another Helen Clark telling them what light bulbs to use? Weak leadership should be applauded and admired in our politicians. They are there to serve us, not to issue commands.

  8. "Anon - weak leadership is what we need."

    Crap Richard. Weak leadership will not help in getting us out of this mess. Put your bible down for a while and use your damn head.

    We need solutions not mantras.

  9. Richard McGrath5 Jun 2009, 14:31:00

    I guess leadership of a sort is needed, Anon. The sort of leadership that is willing to step back and let the market sort out corporate losers, allow their assets to be liquidated, and allow their employees to be redeployed into more productive areas of the economy.

    Right now, America needs a president like Warren Harding, whose hands-off approach to the 1920 depression in the U.S. stopped it from becoming the Great Depression.

    Government interference in the U.S. auto industry will probably damage GM and Chrysler beyond salvation. Similarly, John Key would do wekll to resist the temptation to interfere in the economic recovery that would happen if the government allowed this to happen.

    "We believe in tax cuts, we believe in the power of tax cuts, and we will deliver them.” - John Key, 2008.

  10. I guess Key and Obama live in the real world,accordingly have to make decisions that aren't as pure as ideologues would like.

  11. Sadly Farrar, Trotter and the usual suspects are now leaning towards Worth's side. Blaming 'silly naive women' and all that. In a true corporate environment Worth would have been kicked into touch long ago.

    I suggest this is why he turned to politics.

  12. Anon,
    Key and Obama are living in a fantasy world if they think that expensive government intervention is the answer to current economic woes. Hell, I suspect that in the real world - they don't even know the question.

  13. How Ironic - we always knew this government was going to be worth-less


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