Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Admiral sunk [updated]

As you’ve probably already heard, Richard Worth – known in his days at law firm Simply Gruesome as The Admiral – has resigned his ministerial portfolios on the basis of some undisclosed alleged criminal behaviour, and is expected to “be asked” to clear his desk altogether.

And we’re all left stunned.  Who would have expected dodgy behaviour from a lawyer?

UPDATE: From John Key’s press conference this morning, via Kiwiblog:

    “All I can tell you is his conduct does not befit a minister and I will not have him in my Cabinet,” Mr Key told a press conference this morning.
“If he hadn’t resigned I would have sacked him.” …
Mr Key said an outside party had informed his office of the allegation of a “relatively recent” incident last week.
Dr Worth had not come to him about it.
Dr Worth has been given a two-week leave of absence from Parliament: “because I think he needs some time to reflect on his future and whether he intends to stay as an MP.” 
Mr Key said it was up to Dr Worth to decide whether to leave Parliament, but if police laid charges he may be suspended or expelled from Caucus.

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