Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Wowsers win again

cocaineladies New Zealand is in the news overseas for the wrong reason again.  For wowserism.  Explains Reason magazine, a complaint from the local Salvation Army about an advertisement for Las Vegas-based Redux Beverage’s energy drink, Cocaine, has been upheld by the NZ Advertising Standards Authority. . .

The Salvation Army said cocaine was an illegal substance and by using the name cocaine, "the manufacturers and advertisers are legitimising cocaine" . . .  The ASA said that although the product's name was permissible, the advertisement's "Warning!" was a cheap way to "trade off the properties of drugs..."  The Salvation Army is now "asking" the company to change the drink's name.

Responds Reason, with tongue slightly in cheek:

The Salvation Army, however, was not admonished for trading off the properties of the military. The Sally's a helluva group, which does good work around the world. Their alcohol-free accommodations in Mumbai, India, are a wonderful place to enjoy a clean bed and a quiet drink alone. But they should stay out of the business of...actual businesses.


  1. They are neither an army, nor do they offer salvation.

    I feel a complaint to the commerce commission's trade practises branch coming on..

  2. Their theme tune says it all. "We're all in this together", so when someone has six kids and has spent all their dole money on booze, it's up to the rest of us to put our hands in our pockets again, cos we're "in it together".

  3. It's not cocaine? Isn't that misrepresentation?

  4. Who needs advertisments when you can get your brand on teh news for free?
    Thanks to the Sallies, sales are (prob) doing just fine, thank you ma'am!

  5. twr

    I think you mean the theme song for Coca-Cola

    There is a difference


  6. Nope, I mean the Sallies one. Have a listen next time their ad campaign comes on. (Paid for how??)


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