Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Vote Julian P in Mt Albert

To the Grey Machine Man, the Ginger Whinger, the world’s sexiest Asian MP, and Galt knows who else, Mt Albert voters can now add the choice of voting for Libertarianz candidate Julian Pistorius in the coming by-election.JP007

Unlike the other candidates, Julian – a former Libz Deputy – doesn’t have to leave home or a job with the UN to visit the electorate, and he’s keen to highlight some local and national issues that no other candidate will be brave enough to mention:

  • Who else is going to championwaterview1 the people whose homes are about to be stolen from them to build the new motorway, by a government to whom the words “property rights” are still a dirty word.  People like 85-year-old Leonard Purchase (right), who says of the thieves
        "Bastards. They're a bunch of no-hopes - rats. I've been here 23 years. I inherited this place from my father. My old man bought it [and] he died here - I thought I was going to die here too. The tunnel sounded all right, but this - where the hell am I going to go now? Nobody's come to talk to me - it's just things that have come through the mail. I didn't think for a minute that it would come to this. I don't feel like moving - this is my home - and now they're going to go right through. What are they thinking?"
    A government that did respect property rights wouldn’t need to bulldoze people’s property – they’d know it’s possible to purchase voluntarily a motorway route that’s been planned for decades, and they’d do it.
        Is Leonard the local Darryl Kerrigan?  Is National a party of principle?  Julian for one will tell ‘em they’re dreaming.
  • Who else is going to provide principled opposition to the ACT/National super-shitty Super City. It should embarrass local ACT supporters that their leader is setting up (in Owen McShane's words) "the first fascist state in New Zealand."
  • Who else is going to remind people that the new law on Gang Patches allows any local council to add themselves via regulation. Just another reason to worry about an out-of-touch Uber-City able to ram things through by decree (and local ACT supporters might also remember just which party leader’s vote tipped the balance on this bill? and which Mt Albert candidate and erstwhile supporter of free speech also voted for it!)
  • Is anyone else going to point out that National’s RMA “reforms” are not reforms in our favour, but are only intended to make it easier to bulldoze through Steven Joyce's billion-dollar Think Biggish infrastructure programme (of which this motorway is a lading part), and for councils to take your property rights away without challenge (of which every council District Plan is a leading example)?  If not us, then who?
  • It’s Budget Month, and is anyone else pointing out that National is about to break a major election promise – their pledge to cut taxes?  That they’re about to backtrack on a major part of their election platform? That they value their promise not to cut spending more than the promise to give taxpayers their money back when they most need it. That they must have either been lying about their intention to deliver them, or so incompetent they didn’t notice they were never affordable. They broke their promise on superannuation in 1991 – and they’re breaking this promise now.  Let’s make this a referendum on Trust in Taxation!
  • Is there anyone else going to defend local shop-owners who have the temerity to want to defend themselves?
  • Is any other candidate going to speak out on behalf of “political criminal” Dakta Green, Mt Albert candidate for the ALCP Party, bullied, harassed and arrested three times in one week for cannabis activism?

If not Julian, then who the hell else in Mt Albert is going to speak up on all these issues!

Look out for his billboards starting to go up this weekend. And if you’d like to help out, then why not email him:  (And if you’re looking for dirt, just ask him about those photos. The ones with the coconuts.)  

UPDATE:  Keep up with Julian's campaign, or better yet join in, at his Facebook Campaign Page.  Go to it!


  1. Great news, Julian! I'll be in touch.

  2. I might actually vote Libz for the first time.

    There is no way I'll vote for someone who voted against freedom of speech on one hand, while campainging for it on the other - or who agrees with raising the drinking age.

  3. Go Julian!!

  4. and after all, what will voting for National, Labour or the Greens do? Two of those candidates are already in Parliament, and the other will become an opposition backbencher. Boscawen is part of the government and soiled his reputation with the stupid gang law.

    A Libertarianz MP would be in a front bench position to bring the government to account, and vote on conscience on an issue by issue basis. He is the only candidate who can stand supporting property rights consistently.

    Best of all, imagine Helen Clark's reaction when she gets the email "you wont believe this" about the result. She'll HAVE to congratulate him.

    Oh and if ACT voters wanted a way to send the shivers up the spine of Rodney Hide and remind him of the principles of some of his supporters, what better way?

  5. Keep in touch with Julian's campaign:


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