Monday, 4 May 2009

Top four places to live (hic)

After an extensive survey covered by Anti Dismal, looks like the top four places in which to live are in Ireland, Luxembourg, Hungary and Moldova.

Compelling evidence here.


  1. Surely the further you go from the equator, the better the gummint collects statistics on alcohol consumption.
    I mean Mexico, I've been to Mexico (not lately) you see men staggering around at all hours of the day. Perhaps the statistics manage to exclude bootleg & homebrew.

  2. Don't you mean Luxembourg?

    There's no data for Lichtenstein. Remember Luxembourg is just below Belgium, whereas Lichtenstein is wedged between Switzerland and Austria

  3. Oops, that was a response to Will de Cleene's comment at anti-dismal:
    "Ta. It seems that the further one goes from the equator, the greater the need for alcohol."

  4. Don't let Lianne Dalziel or Geoffrey Palmer hear you say that!

  5. "Don't you mean Luxembourg?"

    Oops! Yes, well spotted. Thanks. :-)

    I should really have known better. I spent a glorious few days there some years ago doing my best to raise their average consumption.

  6. "Don't let Lianne Dalziel or Geoffrey Palmer hear you say that!"

    Two reasons that make living here far less pleasant than it otherwise would be.

    Lemon-sucking killjoys, the pair of them.

  7. Moldova is the only place on earth that wishes it was still part of the Soviet Union.

    Which would drive everyone to drink!

  8. Trans-Dniestr part of Moldova effectively IS like part of the former Soviet Union. It's independent and a gangster state. Like most of the former Soviet Union is today.

  9. Ah now, Scott, but sure and you're destroying my illusions.

    It's enough to drive a man to drink!


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