Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Hikoi and Rosa Parks

A superb letter to the editor published in this morning’s Christchurch Press shows that the issue at the heart of the hikoi is not just about racist seats on the Auckland council – it goes very much wider that that:

    Blacks in America once had special seats reserved for them; down the backs of buses. Fortunately for every black man and woman in the US today, one brave black woman, Rosa Parks, challenged the entire ethic behind such seats, by sitting up the front, and so starting the civil rights movement. And yet New Zealand Maori seem determined to reclaim those special bus seats back.
Rosa would surely be turning in her grave, trying to keep a wise distance from the Hikoi.
So long as we continue to seek a morality based on the tribe and the collective, and not a morality of man qua man, then we remain forever trapped in a State of barbarism, slaves to the State and the tyranny of the many.

You can thank the author here at SOLO.


  1. Cheers PC. (I must be honourable and state the idea behind the first part of the letter was partially from Leighton Smith on ZB - who is most ways, other than on the drugs issue, is a Libertarian.)

  2. Isn't it somewhat ironic that despite freedon of choice, blacks still tend to sit in the back of buses anyway?

  3. That's right anon, blacks tend to sit at the back of buses simply to leer at white girls nice legs who prefer to sit at the front. I always note this leering everytime I catch the bus to work, with black dudes already occupying the backseats.

  4. We need proof. Post a photo of the legs.

  5. Good stuff Mark

  6. Richard McGrath28 May 2009, 15:22:00

    Damn fine letter, Mark! I'd never thought about the issue in quite that way.

  7. Mark

    Leighton is no Libertarian. When you scratch the surface he is just another tired old small-c conservative and not just on the drugs issue either. On economics he's demonstrated that he's merely an apologist for Nat Socialists.

    Don't waste your time listening to that joker. I made that mistake and used to, but don't any more. He's a waste of your time.


  8. I am NOT black DebbyW

    And legs worth staring at dont have to be white!


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