Thursday, 28 May 2009

A genuinely productive Budget . . .

Unlike the National/Act Government, who are about to expensively break their election promises on tax cuts this afternoon, Libertarianz luminaries have backed up their pre-election plans for the economy – the Don’t-Spend-So-Goddamn-Much Plan and the Get-the-Hell-Out-of-the-Way Plan – with an honest, constructive Alternative Budget this morning that recognises that government spending is not investment, it’s consumption (and it’s not consumption that drives an economy, it’s production) and if there was ever a time to cut the moochers loose it is now:

Libertarianz Party Alternative Budget
nikhaden     Libertarianz Finance spokesman Nik Haden today released the Libertarianz Party Alternative Budget for 2009.  “We are continuing to offer a substantial reduction in the tax burden, offset by a realignment of state priorities towards the proper role of the government.” said Mr Haden.
    “The economic recipe for financial success isn’t any different to before the financial crisis, so our essential message remains unchanged.  Just as individuals cannot for long continue to spend more than they earn, neither can governments.  A responsible approach to economic management is the best stimulus package as it gives people confidence that they won’t be saddled with debt in the future.”
    “The highlights of our budget are that the first $50,000 of everyone’s income would be tax-free and that GST would be abolished.  This would deliver a substantial boost to the economy by significantly increasing individuals’ spending power.  While there would be significant reductions in government spending, individuals will always know best how to spend their own money so such spending will necessarily be of higher value and more productive than when the government tries to do it for them.”
    “Unfortunately, I don’t have much confidence that Bill English will take up these ideas in his budget to be released later today.  However even if he isn’t prepared to make the significant tax and spending changes that are so urgently needed there is at least one thing he could quite reasonably commit to.  The current Treasury forecast for the year ended June 2009 shows a small net positive net Crown cash flow.  This shows that the Crown’s finances aren’t too bad, although recent economic events will push this balance negative in the short term.  What it does indicate though is that there is no need for the Crown to take New Zealand further into debt.  All that is required is that Bill English not let the government commit to any more expenditure.  If expenditure could be capped overall such that any increases were offset by decreases elsewhere, we won’t have to ask our kids to subsidise our current lifestyle.”
    “This outcome would fall a long way short of being ideal, but would be a good target for the Minister of Finance to aim for,” concluded Mr Haden.
    An executive summary of the Alternative Budget is available
    A video explaining the Libertarianz budget highlights from last year can be found at

I recommend following some of those links to see just how easy it would be to cut this government down to size.


  1. first $50,000 of everyone’s income would be tax-free
    get a fucking GRIP. that's not a flat tax.
    A flat tax would be first 10,000 of everyone's income is taxed at 100% , and the rest would be taxed at 0%.

    No tax on the first 50K? - bludging by another name!

  2. Somalia is working well with a budget similar to the one you propose.

  3. Richard McGrath29 May 2009, 11:54:00

    Anon - wouldn't a flat tax be the same propertion expropriated from everyone's paypacket from the first dollar upward?

    Not sure how you figure no tax on first 50k is "bludging". Wouldn't allowing people to keep the money they have earned be less demeaning than taxing them, passing this money back via tha state bureaucracy, and expecting the taxpayer to be grateful for this wonderful service?

    How can you "bludge" money that is rightfully yours anyway? Unless, of course, there is no such thing as property rights in your parallel universe.

  4. Richard McGrath29 May 2009, 11:58:00

    Anon - Somalia is NOT "working" well. There is no rule of law over there to enforce property and other individual rights.

  5. Richard McGrath29 May 2009, 11:59:00

    Whoops, just saw the typo in my first post - that should be "proportion" not propertion.


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