Friday, 8 May 2009

Gallery opening, Michael Newberry

group If you’re lucky enough to be in Santa Monica this weekend – which sure as hell sounds like a song title to me – then make sure to call in and wish artist Michael Newberry well with his new gallery opening. The opening reception, says Michael, marks the debut of the stunning Venus, plus plenty of still lifes and several recent landscapes painted in Central Mexico, Greece, and Santa Monica.

Opening Reception: Saturday May 9, 2009 7-10 pm


  1. I don't think those paintings are hung to best effect. Hopefully it was just a temporary arrangement to get as many as possible into a photo (although I am not sure what the point of that would be either). I only comment because I like his work.

  2. If you're after well hung pictures, I hear there are other websites that would probably suit you better...

  3. It was a beautiful show, and his work is always worth seeing IRL. These paintings look stunning hung in a group, and they also look great hung individually. I love the frame he had designed.
    I am sure there are more beauties going to be shown in the near future.


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