Friday, 15 May 2009

Charles (Bud) Tingwell, R.I.P.

m866127 Australian actor Bud Tingwell (right) died today, but his work (and his blog) lives on – and one of his most well known roles, as the wise old lawyer in film The Castle who rescues the Kerrigan family from being thrown out of their house, is as directly relevant today as it’s ever been.  At least it is if you live in Waterview – or value private property rights.

Watch him here in this edited clip from the film, asking the court to consider the meaning of the words “the acquisition of property on just terms,” and how they relate to real people in homes from which they don’t wish to be moved.  Turns out it’s more than just the vibe.  [The words quoted start around 4:00 in, but the full speech is unfortunately cut short.]

PS: A good American resource on eminent domain abuses like this is The Castle Coalition. Check it out.


  1. He also gives a good performance in another great Australian legal film - Breaker Morant - although he plays a bit of a prick in that one.

  2. Yeah, that's a fantastic film. I confess I hadn't remembered him in that.

  3. Well, the difference is of course that Australia does have something we don't, and that's constitutional protection of property rights. (S51 par 31 as the clip points out, bit like the US, who have stuck it under due process) Either approach would be good to have here (bit unlikely though, as 50% of legislation would have to be canned)

  4. It's one of those a classic Australian Movies.


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