Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Who’s paying for Helen’s welcome? You are.

Is there anyone who can offer a compelling reason why the NZ taxpayer should be picking up the tab for the Maori welcome that new UN bureaucrat Helen Clark enjoyed this morning to welcome her into her new job?

Anyone at all?


  1. Actually the taxpayer is not paying. I asked McCully's office and they said MFAT is not funding the Maori King etc.

    I guess the UN is paying? So we may be paying 0.1% of the cost.

  2. Maybe Tainui is paying?

    But thanks for clearing up the matter David.
    I was to post on the matter too.

  3. Chap from the UN told Sean Plunket this morning that the UN is not paying.

    So if the payments were not made by McCully's department . . .

  4. Interesting comment so who is paying exactly? Who would be able to tell us this? Where was the function held? Who would you ask? John Campbell? or better yet Paul and Ally?


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