Friday, 17 April 2009

Tea Party follow-up [update 2]

CLICK HEREYou won't be finding any commentary on yesterday's Tea Party protests in the local media (too much time spent talking about how they covered themselves in glory in the Veitch affair), and as Chris Richards at CATO points out, even the mainstream US media is doing its best to ignore them, or to smear them.

Fox News and MSNBC are having fun with the taxpayer tea party protests today [while the rest concentrate instead on Obama's new dog] . Fox News is playing up the protests, while MSNBC hosts are making jokes about “tea-bagging,” while pretending that the protests were all orchestrated by Sean Hannity. I’ll be attending the protests in D.C. today, and I’m hoping that the message isn’t just anti-Obama because the Republicans are every bit as guilty as the Democrats for the government’s fiscal mess. MSNBC hosts who think that the colonists didn’t mind taxes, but were just upset about the “without representation” part, should read Alvin Rabushka’s massive tax history leading up to 1776, Taxation in Colonial America.

So in the absence of local coverage, I'll try to do the job for you on the coast-to-coast Government-is-out-of-control protests by posting some related commentary, links and resourcers from people I like, or who are still doing their job (and don't forget all the pics and links I posted yesterday).
What else have you got?

: Is this the sign of the day? It is at least the short answer to all those who claim that Alan Greenspan was carrying out some sort of Objectivist agenda at the Fed:

And here's a couple of collections of links, the first from Noodle Food, the second from the Titanic Deck Chairs blog, which includes several plum Rand references from 'round the Tea Parties. I loved this one in particular from the Dallas Tea Party, where the organiser
concluded by quoting John Galt’s oath: I swear, by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.'

UPDATE 2: Terrific speech here by historian John Lewis at the Charlotte, North Carolina Tea Party.

And don't forget to check out the Ayn Rand Tea Party blog for more, including this post-speech interview with Lewis.


  1. Thanks for linking! We all had a fun time and the kids can't wait until the next one! :o)

  2. PC, thanks for that roundup. Penn Jillette is always well worth listening to.

    I also recommend Dr John Lewis in North Carolina (on Ari Armstrong's link), who describes himself as an historian.

    Conversely, the CNN reporter in Chicago personified both MSM ignorance of the issues and (assumed) superiority, best described as "we know better".

  3. Hi Jenn .. great job! Well done to you all. I took great heart down here (NZ) from your actions this week. It really is a matter of chipping away, bit by bit ...

    I love that photo of your kids, by the way. Talk about cute! :)

  4. I love your work, I posted some great pics on one of my blogs from the Tea Party I wet to. Thousands showed up.

    As a veteran of Dan's Bake sale in 1993, I can tell you, we Must not stop our work!

    One gathering is not enough, we can remain silent no longer!


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