Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The strongest, hardest, highest, fastest game on the planet

As you read this I’m just about to jump into a plane to Melbourne, for a weekend watching the strongest, hardest, highest, fastest game on the planet.


If we've planned it right, we’ll get four games in.  :-)


  1. Too bloody right, cobber! :-)

  2. Bollocks, where the 350 pound defender diving at your knees to end your run.

    If AFL was so tough why are not all AFL players keen to play in the NFL where they can earn tens of millions dollars a year.

  3. Because NFL is a shit boring game.

    When it comes to turnovers and swinging from defence onto counter-attack (which is the essence of any football code excitement) only soccer and rugby can compete.

    Not dull league or NFL.

    Rugby season almost over. Two cups one and a final to play this Sunday. Then England members Vs Rest of World members on following Saturday (ANZAC Day - Poms won't know what hit 'em) then rugby tour then BARFL season proper. Hopefully the operation

    Have got the Australian and Irish members of Millwall RFC coming down to footy this summer and a few other EUs. Might get the Swannies to train near the rugby boys playing touch to get them interested. Should get us a few more EUs.

  4. Gah! Two cups won. Am tired after Easter holiday is Sicily.


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