Friday, 24 April 2009

A non-threatening, non-judgemental, ‘everybody-wins’ Beer O’Clock

No beer reviews this week.  No talking up my own favourite bevvies, or talking down yours.  Instead, let’s all have a hug -- and you tell me about your favourite beer(s) in the comments.

Which beer do you need to have in your fridge, without which your fridge is under-stocked?  Which beers make your life worth living – or, at least, your end-of-the-week session better?  Or which beer does the world and his elder brother desperately need to know about?

Tell your Uncle Peter.


  1. I prefer red wines myself, as most beers give me a hangover with a headache.
    The most recent beer I've tried is Carlsberg, which I found quite smooth compared to the Tui/DB bitter that I grew up with.

  2. I had Chimay Red for my wedding day - delicious!

    Very fond also of Epic Pale Ale and Emersons Old 95

  3. Emersons IPA is top of my list, followed by the Renaissance range, most of which are delicious, the scotch ale in particular.

    More mundanely, the monteiths 140th brew is a good one.

    I was disappointed in epic - too hoppy and as my mates from NZ hops tell me, they import too many american hops and don't use good Mot product!

    I went to Galbraith's last weekend, and on top of that fat slug chris trotter declaiming drunkenly to his acolytes in the middle of the doorway (and ALL night) the beer was frankly poor- murky brown slop, even the bitter and twisted, the best of a very poor lot.
    Went to the Shakespeare on Sunday,the Falstaffs is much better, and a dishier barmaid too (!) the sad drunk asleep in the corner over his sunday news was a bit of a sad case, as were the cougars propping up the bar...

  4. Usually drink red wine but partial to an interesting beer from time to time. Have some Little Creatures in the fridge at the mo, last week Bookbinder and Three Boys IPA. Mmmmm.

  5. It's been an interesting week in beer. Beerstore got in a shipment of US craft beers. I strongly recommend Pliny the Elder. It's an experience.

  6. DB Draught. A non politically correct, enjoyable beer that has depressingly disappeared from taps over the last 20 years. "Get a real real beer DB Draught. Get a real real beer DB Draught, DB Draught, DB Draaaaaaaught."

    Yes, I know that's not true, but I like it. Sorry... ish.

  7. This is wrong.

    Uncle Peter? Non- judgemental?


    What have you done with Cresswell and how did you manage to hack into his blog?

  8. The best beers are definately the ones you had with your best friends just a while back. Good times, good crack, good fun, good beer.

    BTW there are some good ones at the mighty Castle.


  9. the drunken watchman25 Apr 2009, 11:28:00

    Judgemental, definitely. But if you think three quarters of the Waikato feels threatened by your gastronomic pedantry, you need to get a grip, Uncle Peter bro. Get out of Auckland for a few days - all that cafe chit-chat is getting to you. Just steer clear of Hamilton.

  10. Pilsner Urquell -- but buy it in the paperboard 12 pack, or it'll taste skunky because of degradation from light.

  11. At the moment Grolsch is up their as a good lager to drink.

  12. Grolsch is up their what?

    I need Guinness in the fridge.

  13. No beer 'makes my life worth living' - wine is the name of the game - especially red - as so many of your smart readers attest to.

    Beer really just tastes like barley and hops that happens to have some alcohol in it, how can this be a satisfactory drink.

    Wine is made from those divine grapes - with about 10-14% alcohol - now that's a drink to write about!

  14. Play a game of rugby or aussie rules, Anna. Then you'll know why wine won't always cut it.

    Now, I am off to smash Poms in Millwall RFC's annual England Vs Rest of the World game.

  15. the drunken watchman26 Apr 2009, 09:20:00

    Annie: " so many of your smart readers attest to"

    Annie, I hope you are not suggesting that a preference of wine over beer is a sign of intelligence?

    (or at least, intelligence of other than the self-professed variety)

  16. All beer is good, just some beer is better! And in the better category goes a lot of central European beer.

    What I don't understand is how beer that costs less than NZ$1 a bottle in Europe costs $6-$10 in NZ.

  17. Watching this with some interest...

    I miss the wonderful bitters and milds (gasp) I seemed only able to find in the few remaining genuine free houses in England. Gosh even Newkie Brown in the recording studio.

    And this from a man who grew up drinking Castle and Lion Lager in he Northern Transvaal.

    Here in Southland the recommended tipple is the truly heinous Speights. I feel like I need to shower after drinking. Doesn't even get better as the night progresses...

    Heineken is the only beer I can safely and consistently imbibe.

    Hence, I watch with interest.

  18. Epic Pale Ale for me, available on tap at the Malthouse in Wgtn. Or by the six-pack at Moore Wilson outlets. Beauuudiful.

  19. Where are you Shane? NZ has some great beer which is often missed due to the saturation marketing and tied-house tactics of the two "big boys".

    Check out:

    There might be something nice near you. It's not 100% up to date, but post back and I'm happy to point you in a useful direction.

  20. Invercargill brewery down here is nice enough. Some sturdy brews too. Strongly supported by our local Licensing Trust too.

  21. Oh yes it is! And they usually have (ex?)Beer O'Clocker and all-round good guy Stu's beer on too. Yeastie Boys beers have yet to disappoint. I'm loving Invercargill Wasp at the moment. The new recipe makes it the only honey beer I've ever enjoyed - and I enjoy it whenever possible!

  22. If anyone is in touch with (ex) Beer O'Clocker and all-round good guy Stu would like to ask him about removing that question mark (and hopefully the "ex"), I'd be happy to hear from them.

  23. The Drunken Watchman said "I hope you are not suggesting that a preference of wine over beer is a sign of intelligence?"

    I do actually, but not in my case. So no self-professed intelligence her.

  24. the drunken watchman27 Apr 2009, 18:34:00

    Annie said: "I do, actually".

    At last! An honest bigot!

    I rest my case.


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