Monday, 6 April 2009

Messiah logic [update 2]

We've heard of Modal Logic, Boolean Logic and Fuzzy Logic.  Apparently there is also Messiah Logic. Herewith a sample, from Prague:

The fact that North Korea just fired a missile over Japan "underscores" the need, says the Obamessiah, for the US to unilaterally disarm.

If you can make that make any sense at all then you have grasped Messiah Logic, and are ready to be saved.

: Free Radical contributor Luboš Motl reports on the coming of the Messiah to Prague, "the new capital of peace and capitalism."
UPDATE 2: By the way, the North Korean missile currently under development has a reported range of some 8000km.  Putting a fair swathe of the planet in what blogger Tim Blair calls the Dong Zone.

Adelaide, Amsterdam, Ankara, Apia and Athens are all around or just slightly over 8000km from Pyonyang.  Brisbane, Beirut and Berlin are closer still.
Auckland is 9784.2.


  1. It's just another opportunity for him to give a verbose and substance-free speech to keep his sycophantic followers swooning at his feet. As you say, he likes to think he's some sort of cross between Jesus, JFK, Lincoln, and Martin Luther King, when in fact he's more of a cross between Lenin, Mussolini, and a hot air balloon. I reckon we should just ignore him.

  2. The timing of this is telling, just two months after Obama's inauguration, and it is an important test for Obama. If he signals he is a dove and not a hawk, then Iran and North Korea will feel more free to expand their nuclear programs, in the knowledge that this president is reluctant to retaliate. Let us hope he is not so blind in his Democrat pacifist ideology and his desire to show he is different to Bush to not realise incentives matter and an early show of strength will preserve the peace.

  3. Sean Fitzpatrick6 Apr 2009, 09:43:00

    Oh I get the logic alright - 'war is peace' - 'freedom is slavery'....

  4. I think that the Messiah logic is exactly the same thing as quantum logic which is based on the notions of contradictions. The more contradictions one encounters after the formulations of his premises, then the more acceptable quantum logic (ie, Messiah logic) to him/her rather than checking the premises which lead to the contradictions. Messiah, has contradicted himself many times after he took office.

  5. " fact he's more of a cross between Lenin, Mussolini, and a hot air balloon."

    But he's a dangerous man, nonetheless.

  6. There is also paraconsistent logic, in this case it sounds like simple inconsistent logic, which is paradoxical, surely.

    I guess PC's approach would be to "bomb them back to the stone age" ?

    I'd rather just ignore it and enjoy a Kid Chocolate.

  7. FF

    Yup! Good analogy there.


  8. I don't see how you arrive at this logic. Nor your link nor his speech in Prague in any way, shape or form makes logic you're asserting here.

    I think you went of the track here PC. Or else post the exact quotes.


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