Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Congratulations to a fine government [update 2]

On reflection this morning, I have to concede that despite my carping this new government is doing a wonderful job, in very trying circumstances.

They've shown they're prepared to make the hard decisions in difficult times, and are working to make New Zealand a freer, happier and more prosperous place.

They've shown they will listen when we call for changes to the RMA.

They've realised that only government action can do what's necessary to get broadband to all New Zealanders.

They've shown they're not ideologically hidebound by resisting calls to slash government spending, and recognising that economic conditions will not make any more tax cuts possible.

They've shown they're prepared to make difficult decisions on the environment -- and discouraging plastic bags is only a gratifyingly small step from renewing the necessary bans on lightbulbs and wasteful shower heads.

In their first-hundred-days programme they put in place a programme more radical than anything previously seen in this country, which has beyond doubt better placed us to meet the recession than any country outside Iceland -- and everything since has made it clear there is a well-thought out, integrated solution to face the ship of New Zealand Inc. into the recessionary waves, and ride it through to freedom and prosperity.

I'm a fan. I've been convinced. And later this morning I'll be sending off my membership application to the nearest National Party branch. I invite you to join me.

Hail to the Chief!

UPDATE 1: In related news, and as an indication of the principled approach this fine governmnt has taken in difficult times, news has emerged that later later today National will be announcing that they are appointing Michael Cullen as Governor of the Reserve Bank. "His appointment," says David Farrar, "is part of Key's strategy to appear magnanimous in victory and use talent from all parties."

A brilliant move.

UPDATE 2: Who am I kidding? I wouldn't piss on this lot if they were on fire. They've done nothing, nothing, in any direction that will make a blind bit of difference to increasing freedom or prosperity -- or to get Nanny off our backs.

Even their meddling is timid.

Quite how some folk around the traps can be be cheerleading for this pathetic gallimaufrey of Tory tossers is beyond me. Surely your joy at seeing Clark and Cullen go is behind you now? Isn't it time to start seeing this new lot for what they are?

The likes of Nick Smith and Richard Worth are not an aberration. They are this National Government. Wake up.


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