Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Whuck me, it’s W(h)anganui

Has there ever been a time when so much whucking whoolishness has been spoken at such length about a subject that could be less important?

Whrankly, Mr Mair, I couldn’t give a damn.  If this is really the most important issue on which you have to whocus, then there can’t possibly be very much of any importance going on in your world.

Get a whucking life.


  1. This muthafucker Ken Mair is on the dole.

  2. Ken insists we get our spelling right.

    The correct spelling here is: "This muthawhucker Ken Mair . . . "

  3. sean fitzpatrick31 Mar 2009, 13:20:00

    Whar out

  4. Mair....what a Whanker!


  5. Any govt agency that doesn't tell Ken Mair to whuck off should be whuck'n whired


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