Friday, 20 March 2009

Thank You, Mr Edison – Sylvia Bokor


Next week, on the 28th, don’t turn your lights off for Earth Hour, turn them on for Edison Hour.  Ignore the calls from people who want to damn technology and industrialisation, i.e., those things that keep us alive, and celebrate them instead.  “Please be a responsible and grateful Industrial Revolutionist,” says one Edison Hour enthusiast, “ and TURN ON YOUR LIGHTS.”

And if you’d like to know more about Sylvia Bokor’s tribute to Thomas Edison, why not read her interview with Prodos here on the theory and practice of Romantic Art, which includes a discussion of this piece; join the Edison Hour Facebook goup; or buy a print of ‘Thanks You, Mr Edison’ here at the Cordair online gallery – which will also give you a clue to the title, if you haven’t worked it out already.  ;^)

And if you like her work, why not visit Sylvia’s blog.


  1. Bloody good idea! Im in. The lights in my house will be blazing on the 28th

  2. And I'll be starting up the diesels on the boat so that I can turn its lights on as well.


  3. Me too Lucy. Stuff 'em!

  4. I left all my lights on last year during "earth hour" (as did many other Christchurch residents) but it's good to feel part of a movement this year.
    Maybe I'll invest in a high-powered laser pointer to light up the clouds as well!

  5. Last year, I did one better: I also built a new cabinet for the power board to give electricity a shiny new home in my house. Lots of power saws and drills involved.

  6. Yeah, I'm in. I had a look to see how much it is to rent one of those large search lights. It would be so cool to project a $ sign on the Waitakere hills. Unfortunately $500 is a bit too steep for 3 hours.

    So I get my friends halogen flood lights and bath my house in light.

  7. "It would be so cool to project a $ sign on the Waitakere hills. "

    Hey, that would be thrilling!

    "Unfortunately $500 is a bit too steep for 3 hours."

    Shall we call for donations? Or charge an entry fee for the party?

  8. I would donate $100 to this worthy cause - and bring beer. Who's in? :)

  9. Between turning everything on at home this included all lights, kitchen appliances, and electronics(2 laptops and server). I also logged into work and started up processes on servers to get them running at full capacity along with reading and writing data to the network storage. By my calculations I managed a total electrical consumption of about 150kVa for that hour. Give or take an additional 1/2 hour on the total as it took me about 30min each for startup and shutdown of everything I had going.


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