Monday, 30 March 2009

No wonder builders, home-owners and designers are FRUSTRATED!

From the Why-Did-We Bother-File come these two reports from home builders on the comments section of NBR’s website, in a post on falling building consent numbers. I think the prevailing emotion is  . . . frustration.

    I’m doing my bit and building a house. I can see why people are not bothering, you are seen as a cash cow by everyone. Gst, council fees, contractors, building firms everyone looking to make a buck takes a shot. Then you have the uncertainty of RBNZ. Thought at least I would have a cheap mortgage.........not any more. . .

Lacking of consents
    In November 2006 I instructed my architect to draw up plans for 2 minor additions.
   1st, an increase of 28 sq M on the 2nd story so with no increase in "site coverage" so no problem? Well it took a year to sort out all the "new" boxes that needed ticking.
    2nd, a small canopy to protect the entry from the west that required about 12 sq M of concrete (impermeable) BUT we were up to the arbitrary limit so that required a "Building Consent" (at TWICE the cost of the bloody concreting) and the consent of neighbours (WHY???)   Then "Tech Drawings" This is where ACC "advisors" became involved and started "looking" for problems to justify their snout being in the trough. They had no problem with the canopy, BUT they could find all sorts of (minor) "difficulties" well outside of their reference. Like trying to redesign the turning circle for vehicles, and vague references to the already approved (and completed) upper story as - now somehow - it contravened the (new) height to boundary ratios.   If the original upper story (built ~ 1960) contravened the latest code. WHO BLOODY CARES NOW. Nobody has ever complained. And to cap it off this contravention was only a couple of cm!!!
Now I'm required to concrete about a 70 sq M area to suit their 'turning circle' crap, adding further to the impermeable area on the site.
    Is it any wonder the "consents" are reducing.

None at all.  I’d wager every one of the 1089 new holders of residential consents would have a similar story, not to mention the thousands of us who are still waiting to get one (and if you think consents from Auckland are hard to get now, just wait until new “super” city makes everything more “efficient”).  Frankly, when the construction costs so high of a new house (so much of it inflated by regulation) is still more than the selling cost, it’s a wonder anyone’s venturing out at all.

The government is still killing building.  And they’re still ignorant as hell that they are.


  1. We were all set to build last year but our arrangements fell over at the last minute because our house failed to sell. We have now just sold the house so the plan is back on the table for when Matt completes his diploma only thanks to govt and council it will now cost roughly an extra $5k due to compulsory this and extra fee that.

    Soooooooooooo frustrating.

  2. Building a new house in Auckland cost in excess of $14k in consents and permits and the like. Then there were the interferences, "inspections" and alterations and delays and arbitrary demands and delays and so forth. Never again. Never.

    Now what that means is that builders will get no more work from me. Nor draftsmen. Nor architects. Nor surveyor. Nor earthmovers. No more purchases from timber or concrete or building materials suppliers.

    I'm not the only one who'll be staying off the market either. So what govt has done with its dead weight is deepen the recession.

    Government causes recessions and depressions. It does it at all levels from local to international. Then it makes things worse.



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