Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Earth Hour follow up: the ‘Atlas’ point

home_right_default Keith Lockitch from the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights explains that Ayn Rand’s best-selling novel Atlas Shrugged isn’t just directly relevant “to our economic woes and our government’s response.” The novel’s relevance to current issues extends far beyond the financial crisis, says Keith.

    Consider the phenomenon of Earth Hour . . . which I criticized in a recent op-ed. During Earth Hour, participating cities turn off the lights of major skylines and landmarks to signal a commitment to fighting climate change. In my article I discuss why I think this is a travesty.
So how does this relate to Atlas Shrugged?

Read on here and find out: Earth Hour and Atlas Shrugged.  And listen to Keith on ‘The Schilling Show’ discussing the real meaning of Earth Hour’s events. Check it out here.  (Keith’s interview starts just over halfway through.)  He makes his points very clear:

    The notion that we face some sort of planetary emergency that goes beyond anything we’ll ever be able to cope with – that is not supported by scientific evidence. . . The kind of threats we face from government policies that people want to impose in the name of fighting ‘climate change’ pose a far greater risk to liberty and to our enjoyment of life than anything that might ever happen to the climate. . .  
    The biggest threat is our forced reduction in our use of energy . . . the claim is we’ll somehow make it up with windmills and solar cells, but the physics of that just doesn’t work out. . .

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