Thursday, 5 March 2009

DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S: Cuba, Cats & Cullen


 DOWN TO THE DOCTOR’S – A weekly commentary on some of this week’s news items by Libertarianz leader Dr Richard McGrath . . .

  • Wairarapa Powers World-First Web Shop – Unfortunately, online electricity broker Powershop - who use Masterton as the base for its call centre - have used imagery of international terrorist and mass murderer Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara to promote its product. Guevara once said if the [Cuban] missiles had remained, his government would have used them against the very heart of America, including New York. He was also a bloodthirsty sociopathic killer, who delighted in executing his political opponents in front of their families; he once dispatched a 14 year old boy, who refused to kneel before Guevara, by shooting him in the back of the neck. Powershop join the other useful idiots with their Che T-shirts and tattoos in denial about the true character of their hero.
  • Lugar Report Gives Momentum To Anti-Embargo Push – Senior Republican Party senator Richard Lugar has called for a fresh look at the American trade embargo imposed on Cuba by the Kennedy administration. I personally support the notion of free trade, and believe the U.S. should allow its producers to trade with Cuba. Free trade tends to promote peace, as nations don’t tend to pick fights with their major trading partners.
  • Farmers’ Prescription For The Jobs Summit – While they got some things right, too many of the suggestions from Federated Farmers involved asking the government to shove its nose into areas where it has no right to be. Good points were the calls for avoidance of job subsidies and protectionism; and support for the 90-day probation period for new employees in small businesses. Bad points included advocating minor tinkering with the Emissions Trading Scheme instead of its outright abolition; and forcing taxpayers to fund rural ‘infrastructure’, broadband, research and development, and agricultural training centres. Overall, too much entrenchment of Nanny in the farming sector for my liking.
  • Cullen Plans To Become Treaty Settlement Negotiator – The arrogant little weasel has given Bill English his worthless train set to play with, while he (Cullen) jumps from one gravy train onto the next one. Anyone who opposes ‘inside trading’ will surely be upset about Cullen, as a former Treaty Negotiations Minister, wanting to work for one of the various tribes trying to milk yet more money from taxpayers who weren’t around when the real and alleged infringements of the Treaty took place, and whose ancestors may not have been here at the time either.
  • Terror Tenants Told To Get Out – Vermin such as the Salt family in West Auckland, and gang associates and their families from Pomare in Lower Hutt are being told to sling their hooks and find accommodation in the private sector. Poor darlings - hopefully no private landlord will take them on as tenants, and they will end up on the doorstep of the parents who raised the little sociopaths in the first place - justice indeed, as the chickens literally come home to roost. Meantime, a bouquet to Housing NZ for showing some spine and kicking these bums right out of their comfort zone, and hopefully away from the innocent neighbours they have repeatedly terrorized and assaulted.
  • Gig Review: The Stray Cats At The Power Station – The world’s premiere rockabilly combo played the final concert on their Australasian jaunt last night in Auckland. Having bought their vinyl records in the 1980s, it was a thrill to see them live on their farewell tour. Brian, Lee and Jim – you were superb. Thanks for the memories. 

See y’all next week!  Dr Richard McGrath


  1. Hi Doctor, I note that HNZ however has no stand down period for applying for another state house after eviction. The easiest course of action for them however is to attach themselves (literally) to some new, pathetic, sitting duck, single mum with a benefit and a roof over her head. Solves all their problems.

  2. Sadly you're right Lindsay. I agree it's not really dealing with the root cause of all the problems, but it gives the neighbours a bit of respite.

  3. Honestly, I'm surprised that HNZ developed the sack to get rid of these people at all - and in effect they're going voluntarily rather than attending a hearing on the matter... 8 or so years ago in a street near my house there was a similar situation where one family behaved like the Salts did. HNZ offered to find alternate accommodation for no less than SIX families who complained, rather than kick out the scum causing the problems. Pffft


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