Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Clark UN [updated]

Reports suggest that later today Helen Clark will be confirmed in her United Nations sinecure [hat tip Motella]

Cometh the departure, cometh the by-election.

UPDATE: First out of the blocks saying good riddance is Whale Oil.  Helen and the UN will make a good match, he says, since they're both venal and corrupt.  

"Clark is a natural for that sort of work," says Idiot/Savant, in a slightly different sense.


  1. Developing what? More socialism? Yep, definitely 'a natural' at that.

    I grinned when I heard the news this morning. The fact is that press release could have been prepared years ago, such was its inevitability.

    No surprises there, campers.

  2. I will be standing for the ACT party in Mt. Albert then. So, readers here at Not PC in that electorate should vote for me to put in another right winger candidate into parliament.

  3. Maybe you'll organise yourself onto the candidates list this time then Eli?

    WTF happened with you and the Tamaki electorate last time?

  4. Much as many may be happy to see her go, I still think it's poor form to abandon the many voters who overwhelmingly voted her as their MP for Mt Albert just because she didn't get to be PM.


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