Monday, 2 February 2009

Yet another reason to dislike Team New Zealand

  • 789332 STUFF: Peter Montgomery, the voice of New Zealand yachting, was dropped from covering the current Louis Vuitton Pacific series at the request of Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton…

A few years back when we were seeking support from local businesses for our Walk For Capitalism, we approached Team New Zealand and were told to go away.  “We’re pretty much all socialists here,” we were told – which was certainly consistent with the amount of taxpayers’ money they were spending.  It was no surprise then when they started that year’s regatta by taking out on the water a boat whose main feature seemed that it needed to be bailed out to stay afloat.

Seems now that nothing’s changed.  They now seem to think they should be able to wield the big stick over who gets to commentate on them -– and Government TV has acquiesced by agreeing to replace the competent, plain-speaking and entertaining Peter Montcommentary with back-scratching place-holders Tasker and Lester.

Loyal?  You have to be kidding, Mr Dalton.

UPDATE:  Good on Radio Sport for telling the Muldoonist Mr Dalton to go piss up a stick.


  1. Of course they are socialists. They relish and rely on forced redistribution from the taxpayers to wealthy property owners.

  2. Dalton? He will never win the Americas Cup. Is not good enough.

    What a turd!


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