Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Whangarei House – Claude Megson


I was inspired over the weekend both by two spectacular tennis matches – both involving the brilliant young Rafael Nadal – and by a visit to this small Megson unit in Remuera I posted the other day. Claude used to talk about the “big-souled” feeling that architecture should inspire. His small unit certainly delivered – its 95 square metres feel immense, as does one’s spirit when sitting in its light-filled spaces.

It’s being sold by its owners now their circumstances have changed. They’d love to move to a larger Megson, they say, now they’ve outgrown their little beauty.

As it happens, a larger Megson house is also on the market … up at Whangarei. A reader visited over the weekend and sent me the news, along with this short report:

“I just went to the open home for the Megson designed home at 152 Cemetary Road, Maunu, Whangarei, MIND BLOWING! Very very original and totally delightful. I want it.”

No wonder. It’s another delight.

MAUNU_Cemetery_Road_152_5327959_640xFrom the Allens Realty’s site, from whence you can get details and Open Home times:

An Internationally known - Claude Megson Design - A Residence that Symbolises Individuality.
If you want to rebel against the 'status quo' and satisfy your drive for distinction, you need to inspect this property and appreciate the opportunity this fascinating home has to offer.
Almost the country equivalent of a modern day Don Quixote and nestled privately amongst native bush this unique 3 level 374m² Megson designed home features 2 lounges, 2 snugs, 2 dining rooms, 3 fireplaces and a large courtyard and swimming pool.
To be sold as a going concern with approximately 120 mature avocado trees in full production, including a large implement shed and orchard equipment. There is a stable and horse truck complex plus 2 small grazing paddocks.
A highly individual property that is everything but ordinary.

You can read all the sale details here.MAUNU_Cemetery_Road_152_5327935_640x

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  1. Well it IS original, but I gotta say it looks like a game of SimCity gone wrong. Either that or one gets the urge to sacrifice Aztec slaves on top of the roof.

  2. Yes, I'm not sure about that. Love the floating veranda over the bush, but a very 'busy' building otherwise. Not my cup of tea this one.

  3. Glass doors opening straight into the swimming pool? That would be forbidden in Auckland.

  4. the drunken watchman3 Feb 2009, 23:27:00

    PLEASE correct me, if I am wrong - but this would now be illegal, due to the new fencing regulations?

  5. drunken watchman3 Feb 2009, 23:29:00

    whoops, sorry, Mr Berend has already pointed that out


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